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Resisting the winds of change; Ontario community concerned with the proximity of wind farms to residents

Situated south of Belleville between the Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario, the region is a peninsula. The high and relatively consistent airflow makes it attractive to wind-powered energy developers. However, business and citizen groups in the county argue that wind power developments pose a threat to human health and safety, wildlife, and the economic prosperity in the region.
13 Feb 2010

RM concerned about potential wind farm impact

Plans for a wind farm in southeastern Saskatchewan are up in the air pending further study. Council for the Rural Municipality of Martin voted Friday to revisit the proposed Red Lily Wind Farm Project, near Moosomin, at its meeting on March 17. In the meantime, a committee has been struck to gather more information about the project and the potential impact of wind turbines.
13 Feb 2010

Melancthon petitions ministry on wind farms

Melancthon ...has petitioned the provincial government for a moratorium on industrial wind farm development. The township council's Feb. 4 decision was based on a combination of the Green Energy Act (GEA), the reassessment of an Amaranth property on the basis of transformer noise, and the fact that the council had learned of plans for a 100-megawatt wind farm on 3,500 acres only by way of a news release.
11 Feb 2010

Health worries of wind farm opponents should be taken seriously by government

Wolfe Island has, in years, been roiled by division and debate over the wind turbines that now adorn (or deface, in the view of some) the island. And it isn't just there that controversy has swirled around the wind farm industry. Across Ontario, plans to erect turbines in rural communities are running into stiff headwinds. ...The truth is, though, that the wind farm industry is a young one, and we don't know that much yet about the health impacts.
21 Jan 2010

Province must examine possible health impacts of wind farms

On the surface, a wind farm project should be a welcomed addition to any community. ...But there is a well-organized contingent of residents who live in the area of the proposed wind farm who are gravely concerned the provincially-mandated setback will not be enough to block out the throbbing noise of the turbines and the high pitched noise of the electrical transformers.
16 Jan 2010

Noise annoys: Expert says people are suffering health problems from being too close to structures

Some might accuse John Harrison of tilting at wind turbines, but the retired Queen's University physics professor says he's got the science to prove that wind farms are bad for people's health. Harrison became an expert critic of wind technology -- and an ally of those who oppose it -- after learning that his retirement community of Amherst Island could become the site of a wind farm like the one on nearby Wolfe Island.
16 Jan 2010

Anti-turbine group addresses school board

A group of citizens have taken their concerns regarding a proposed wind turbine project in the former Manvers Township on the road. Manvers Gone With The Wind representative Heather Stauble spoke at Tuesday's Trillium Lakeland District School Board (TLDSB) committee voicing concerns about the proximity of proposed wind turbines to Grandview Public School and Rolling Hills Public School.
15 Jan 2010

North Gower, Richmond residents not swayed by wind project report

North Gower and Richmond residents worried about a proposal for industrial wind turbines near the villages are not reassured by a report on health effects from the noise produced by turbines. The report, released last month and sponsored by both the Canadian Wind Energy Association and the American Wind Energy Association, is titled Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects.
14 Jan 2010

Study funded by wind industry questioned

Still poised to respond to any renewed efforts by CASA Engineering and Construction to build a wind project in the St. Columban area, Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) is cynical about a recently released report from the wind industry stating that wind turbines have no adverse effect on human health. "This study is no big deal and no surprise. We still need an independent health study," says HEAT member Rob Tetu.
13 Jan 2010

Wind turbines can cause adverse health effects

The Society for Wind Vigilance (SWV) has released its analysis of the American and Canadian Wind Energy Association sponsored report on adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines. The SWV provides scientific and unbiased information on the adverse health effects of human exposure to industrial wind turbines through a volunteer-based advocacy group of health and other professionals.
11 Jan 2010

Moratorium urged for wind farms

The provincial government should place a moratorium on wind farm projects until an independent health study can be done, a Leamington councillor said Tuesday. "I just really think the province has moved way too quickly on this stuff," said Coun. John Paterson. "There's less information out there than there should be before you start sticking the wind farms up that are going to be here for a long time."
6 Jan 2010

Wind turbine debate swirls

Wolfe Island is very much a community hanging in that new sustainability balance. Though touted as a green, environmentally friendly project, a vocal group of islanders under the banner WIRE (Wolfe Island Residents for the Environment) has fought it every step of the way. One of their main concerns has been the potential effects the spinning turbines may have on residents' health.
2 Jan 2010

Construction underway on Harrow wind farm

Construction is well underway at the first major wind farm in Ontario's Essex County, despite reservations by some residents about the project. The $82-million AIM Harrow Wind Farm will include 24 turbines ..."It's my health, my family's health, the viability of our farm, the value of our farm," said McLean, whose farm on Gore Road is next door to the new farm.
30 Dec 2009

Wind tower neighbor bought out for health reasons

Barbara Ashbee-Lormand traveled from central Ontario to central Vermont in late October to a discussion of an industrial wind turbine development proposed for the town of Ira, organized by Vermonters for a Clean Environment. She's a rare figure in the debate over the effects big wind towers have on people. She's one of only two homeowners that a major wind company, Canadian Hydro Developers, has conceded it bought out because of their complaints that the huge gadgets proved to be impossible to live with.
22 Dec 2009

Paradise lost for many rural dwellers

Rural life often has a bucolic image of neat farm fields and undulating hills, especially when contrasted with the crowded housing and traffic jams of urban living. People flee the degradation of cities for the countryside, but when they get there, they find anything but clean, green open spaces. From sewage-spreading to wind farms and gravel pits to garbage dumps, many people in rural areas are finding themselves involved in environmental issues that almost never afflict urban dwellers.
19 Dec 2009
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