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Cross-border wind power line faces regulatory delay

Power line builder and operator AltaLink was included in Wednesday's decision on the 230-kilovolt transmission line by the Alberta Utilities Commission, having also applied for an extension on its substation project associated with the project. The merchant power line has been in the making for more than five years
22 Dec 2011

Spin, baby, spin

In a leaked letter sent to the PC caucus, the Industrial Power Consumers Association of Alberta (IPCAA) lambasted AESO's proposed lines as "unnecessary," "irresponsible," "unaffordable" and "lacking common sense." Instead of attracting investment, the plan, they claim, will drive industrial users out of Alberta or force them to generate their own power, leaving domestic users to pick up industry's share (61 percent) of the tab. Even the Fraser Institute, an industry cheerleader, is opposed.
21 Nov 2011

New Hampshire blocks Hydro-Québec plan

Martin Murray, spokesperson for Public Service Co. of New Hampshire says public opinion is solidly against the venture. The challenge is to determine "how we can achieve a new and significant source of renewable energy at an economic price and do it with as little impact on our north country as possible."
1 Apr 2011

Grid unprepared for wind, solar power

The government's Long-Term Energy Plan calls for the spending of $2 billion on transmission grid upgrades, including three southwestern Ontario projects the plan says should be in place by 2017 to make room for new green energy projects. The upgrades and new line west of London are to be completed by 2014, according to the plan.
24 Feb 2011

Hydroelectric power could be key to state cutting gas emissions

Hydro Quebec, NStar and Northeast Utilities are working on the Northern Pass project with the Patrick administration's support. Project organizers say the new line could provide another 1,200 megawatts of hydro electricity, enough to power nearly a million houses. The project is still in early engineering and study phases, with the goal of wrapping up in 2015, the Northern Pass website says.
31 Dec 2010

The Northern Pass: Bringing hydro-power to New England

"What we are trying to do is meet the regional's state's goals to provide a renewable energy source to New Hampshire and New England." But despite its worthy goals, the project has caused a furor in The North Country. ...Russ Johnson is a Columbia resident. "We the people of Northern New Hampshire don't want you. We don't want you defiling our landscape and our economy by forcing your way over our forests and mountains and homes and we will fight you every step of the way."
29 Dec 2010

CEO: Lack of power lines barrier to development

Current transmission costing schemes are geared toward reliability of the power grid - not public policy - so unless power systems need more lines to balance loads and demand, proponents have to shell out the huge sums of money to build transmission to get their clean power to market.
28 Oct 2010

Will power proposal be 'green'? Conservation groups vow to watch process closely

As Northeast Utilities and Hydro-Quebec begin seeking state and federal approval for the construction of Northern Pass, a $1.1 billion dollar project that would bring 1,200 megawatts of energy from a dam in Canada to southern New Hampshire, environmental groups say that it's too early to tell if the project will end up being truly "green." ...About 50 miles of the power lines will be in new territory, and 130 miles will use existing paths. In the new territory, a path of about 150 feet would be cleared to accommodate the power lines.
17 Oct 2010

Landowners brace for eminent domain fight with backers of MATL power line

The company has filed a condemnation complaint on the Salois land to gain access it says is needed for the greater good, but Larry Salois is digging in his heels. He disputes the claim that the project is in the public interest, and he isn't sure whether Tonbridge, which is a for-profit private company based in a foreign country, even has the right to condemn the land. "I'm going to do my best to keep 'em outside of the fence for as long as I can," Salois said.
8 Aug 2010

Energy expansion exploration could lead to U.S. partnerships: Massachusetts official

On Tuesday, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia announced they would explore building new transmission lines between the two provinces, which would more than double the amount of electricity that can be shared between them. A similar expansion of capacity between centrally located New Brunswick and the northeastern United States could give the Maritimes access to a lucrative energy market.
23 Jul 2010

N.S. power eyes better grid

HALIFAX - Nova Scotia Power Inc. has started initial planning for a multi-million dollar second electrical inter-tie between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, which could see the Bluenose province obtain power from a possible second reactor at Point Lepreau.
12 Jul 2010

Eyeing New England's market

A merchant nuclear reactor in New Brunswick would face a market south of the border where renewable energy is favoured and the power supply is poised to exceed demand for at least the next nine years. ...The recession has reduced the load somewhat and it's unclear how much demand will return, he said.
8 Jul 2010

Wind-energy developers win break

Wind developers won a victory Tuesday when the operators of the Midwest's largest regional electrical grid abandoned a proposal to make them pay up to 20 percent of the cost of new high-voltage transmission projects to deliver renewable energy. The Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator on Tuesday unveiled to a large group of utilities, developers, energy generators and transmission line owners its latest proposal to share the costs.
23 Jun 2010

Oshawa business would have done Samsung deal for less, owner says

An Oshawa-based power supplier says the province turned its back on the local green energy industry and is giving a South Korean-based company special treatment in an energy deal announced Thursday. Premier Dalton McGuinty announced that the province negotiated an agreement with the consortium of Samsung C&T Corp. and the state-owned Korean Power Electric Corp.
23 Jan 2010
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