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Fire at Murdochville wind farm

André Minville, director of Murdochville fire service received the call to 1:10 p.m. Wednesday: blazing wind park at Copper Mountain. Mr. Minville and firefighters joined the company technicians NextEra Energy on site. They set up a perimeter and waited for the fire to calm. Nobody was injured. The fire destroyed a blade and the nacelle (central portion of the wind turbine, which contains the generator).
16 Nov 2013

Rotor blade leading edge erosion – Real life experiences

1012_bladefeature_thumb During the early years of the North American Wind Industry, the general misconception regarding blade maintenance was that once the blades were in the air, routine maintenance was not required. As the industry matured, some tough lessons were learned. Maintenance, especially on the leading edge of the blade, is not only recommended but essential if blades are to reach their design life expectancy.
18 Oct 2012
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