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Six years in, time to turf $500M lawsuit over cancelled wind farm, province's lawyers say

Ontario’s already lost a related case on very different legal grounds. Last year an international tribunal agreed the government violated the North American Free Trade Agreement with its moratorium on wind farms, which killed a project next to the one Trillium was working on run by an American-backed company. The people of Ontario are out $28 million in damages and legal costs for that.
18 Oct 2017

Trillium accuses Liberals of destroying wind farm lawsuit documents

As the revised suit – which reduced the claim for damages to $500-million – wound through the discovery process, Trillium found that some government documents it expected to see were not handed over. Now the company has filed a notice of motion asking that its claim be amended to include the allegation of “spoliation,” or the “deliberate destruction or elimination of incriminating evidence.”
2 Jun 2015

Wind farm firm to file suit

A company planning to build an offshore wind turbine development near Kingston plans to sue the federal government for nearly half a billion dollars over a provincial moratorium on such projects. In court documents filed in mid-October, Windstream Energy indicated it intends to sue the Canadian government for what the company says are violations of the North America Free Trade Agreement.
8 Dec 2012
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