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Small island no place for giant turbines; Amherst Island would be overwhelmed by wind farm.

The placement of turbines is simply shocking. One will loom over our school and playground. Four turbines are to be built within steps of the Owl Woods. The whole of Amherst Island is an Important Bird Area of Global Significance, but this tiny area is particularly vulnerable. The Owl Woods is known internationally as having the greatest variety and number of owls in one place in Canada.
28 Jun 2013

Industrial Wind Turbines: Scars on the rural landscape

"In Ontario, Canada, there is a suspension of critical appraisal and due process regarding industrial wind turbines. The lack of confidence in the political and regulatory systems will persist if governments and industry continue to deny the existence of adverse impacts from human exposure to industrial wind turbines...The negative psychological effect of disempowerment interacting with the adverse health effects attributed to industrial wind turbines has intensified the negative synergy of justice lost."
21 Mar 2013

Council to send strong message against wind turbine project

Staff recommended that council ask the Province to refuse wpd Canada's application. Director of planning and engineering Ron Taylor clarified that energy companies apply to the Province under a provincial process; council does not approve the application, but may express concerns. A municipal council may offer support for an application, or ask the Province to refuse it.
6 Feb 2013

Approval of Ostrander Point is an outrage

Ostrander Point is Crown Land (owned by the people of Ontario) situated within the globally significant Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird Area. Ontario allows wind turbines in IBAs; other countries such as Germany do not. The property, on a major bird and bat migration route and home to several endangered species, is arguably the worst location in the province for wind turbines.
23 Dec 2012

Call for turbine moratorium gets louder

A spokesperson for McNaughton said the two elected officials want all turbine construction to halt until results of a federal health study on the impacts of turbines has been tabled. ...The spokesman said there is also growing concern about the devaluation of property as a result of the rapid proliferation of wind turbines in Chatham-Kent and throughout southwestern Ontario.
15 Nov 2012

Times change, minds change about wind turbines

The Bruce Peninsula, like many other parts of Ontario where large-scale industrial wind farms - with turbines numbering in the hundreds - have been built or proposed, has become a hot-bed of anti-wind turbine sentiment along with other parts of Grey-Bruce. "Stop the Wind Turbines" signs are tacked up on fence posts and even highway signs in steadily growing numbers.
1 Oct 2012
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