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OFA calls a halt to wind turbines

Mark Wales, president of the largest farm organization in the province, said the debate over industrial wind turbines has become an "extremely divisive" issue within Ontario's rural community, pitting farmers against each other. "We need to stop the process, and get it right," saidWales.
21 Jan 2012

Turbine project canceled due to budget

The wind turbine proposed at the landfill, which would have been closest to the Montgomery neighborhood was killed last night (Mon), because only one company bid on the project, and that bid was 2 million dollars over budget.
16 Jan 2012

Massive wind farm project moving ahead

Niagara Region Wind Corp. spokeswoman Randi Rahamim said the company erected a meteorological tower in the region six months ago to gather data on wind velocity and weather data. Two more towers will soon be built in the region.
5 Jan 2012

Province green lights Vancouver Island wind farm

The project was an infringement of aboriginal rights, the correspondence from the band's fisheries manager David Schmidt stated. The band's comments about various aspects of the project "do not express approval of the project or any other project, nor do these comments constitute consultation or accommodation in relation to this or any other project," he said.
24 Dec 2011

Residents not sold on wind farm plan

Environmental Business Consultants project manager John Nicholson, hired by Skyway, says the company representative was answering questions, but there was a point when he couldn't because people were asking a "barrage" of questions but weren't waiting for the answers.
23 Dec 2011

Canada's greenest school too pricey to copy

Hinchliffe said the school cost $2 to $3 million more than a regular school to build because of the additional green technology used in the construction. And despite being a green engineering feat, she said it's not a model other boards should copy. "It's not a sustainable system ..." said Hinchliffe.
3 Dec 2011

Windmill foes have a new friend

Bob Runciman, the senator for Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, presented a motion in Senate earlier this week calling for a moratorium on wind energy projects in the area stretching from Wolfe Island to Prince Edward County. ...While Runiciman's motion lacks the power to stop wind projects on its own, the Senate did back it unanimously.
2 Dec 2011

Michigan offshore wind projects stall

Meanwhile, wind energy has become a political football in Ontario. In February 2009, lawmakers passed the Green Energy Act that called for the province to increase its power generated from renewable sources from 8,300 megawatts to 10,000 megawatts by 2015. That legislation also sowed the seeds of opposition to wind power, said Beth Harrington of Wind Concerns Ontario.
12 Nov 2011

Winds of change prove costly

From Malta in the Mediterranean to Altamont in California, the landscape is littered with decommissioned wind farms, all bankrupt, all eyesores and all funded with local tax dollars. These things have been failing for nearly 35 years. Shinish Creek will be no different. Britain, Germany and Spain - all touted as "leaders" in wind energy.
10 Nov 2011

Group promises 1,000 will attend public meeting for turbine company

The Oppose Belwood Wind Farm Association is expecting 1,000 people to attend the final public meeting for the Springwood wind farm planned near Fergus. "Many believe that the Springwood wind farm proposed near Lake Belwood, Fergus, and the beautiful Elora Gorge area by wpd Canada Corporation, a huge German multinational, is merely the tip of the iceberg."
3 Nov 2011

St. Clair needs $1M to launch wind turbine program

The air may have come out of a new wind turbine program at St. Clair College even before getting off the ground. The college needs $1 million to launch a wind turbine technician program, which administrators hope will provide workers for a burgeoning North American industry.
27 Oct 2011
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