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Ontario green bill feared as power grab

Most provinces have moved to add more "green" energy to their power supply, but the $5-billion Ontario plan sets a new standard. The proposed legislation also sets province-wide guidelines for the location of energy projects and kills municipalities' power to block them. Wind farm opponents worry the new approval process will make it possible to push projects forward without the support of the surrounding community.
25 Feb 2009

Ontario to allow green energy on the grid, but at what cost?

The new law would override municipal objections to small-scale renewable energy projects but it remains silent on crucial issues such as how far a wind turbine would have to be set back from housing. It offers homeowners assistance in financing the cost of heat pumps or rooftop solar panels but offers few details. Low-income earners received pledges of assistance but no details about what that means.
24 Feb 2009

Green energy legislation applauded

The new act will amend 15 statutes and usher in a host of changes. For example, the act will require inspectors to perform energy audits on all homes at the time of sale, set domestic content requirements for renewable energy projects and promises to issue permits within six months. Premier Dalton McGuinty said while he understands a switch from making cars to making wind turbines may not be easy for workers in Ontario, green technology is key to boosting the province's economy.
23 Feb 2009

Ontario to introduce green energy bill

Ontario's Liberal government hopes its Green Energy Act to be introduced Monday will create 50,000 new jobs and transform the province's struggling economy, but environmentalists warn the plan relies too heavily on nuclear power. The bill will make it easier to bring renewable energy projects to life and create a culture of conservation, said Energy Minister George Smitherman. ...
22 Feb 2009

Ontario's green pit bulls

Few things are as alarming as politicians who don't understand an issue suddenly deciding they do and then dictating to the rest of us how we will be permitted to respond. Say hello to Premier Dalton McGuinty and his faithful pit bull, Energy Minister George Smitherman, as they bully and blunder their way across Ontario on the issue of renewable energy.
22 Feb 2009

Province to fast-track wind turbine projects

Municipalities will lose the power to decide how close wind turbines can be to residential properties and environmentally sensitive areas under proposed green-energy legislation being tabled Monday. The new rules, a blow to NIMBYism, will also ensure that developers of wind and other renewable-energy projects get construction permits within six months. It's all part of Premier Dalton McGuinty's plan to streamline approvals for such projects ...
22 Feb 2009

Hard times can make it easier to gut safeguards

The federal government seems set to gut environmental protection laws that were among the major victories of the "green" wave in the 1980s. It's sharpening three tools for the evisceration. They will remove assurances that all significant projects will face careful public scrutiny of their potential impact. Ottawa wants to get those infrastructure shovels in the ground as quickly as possible: No pesky environmental challenges should delay its proposed array of highways, bridges, wharves and other projects.
21 Feb 2009

Does Premier McGuinty really support spending $660 million to create 200 temporary construction jobs?

Basically the Toronto Hydro Energy Services project team, led by Joyce McLean, did such a horrible job at responding to community concerns they lost control of the project and needed McGuinty to step in and use his position to dismantle well established democratic freedoms for force the project through to create these 50 000 jobs so called ‘NIMBYists’ were holding up. Let’s look at the economics of the Toronto Hydro Energy Services plan and use facts from the Premier’s mouth, PACE Global Energy Services - an independent consultant on the proposed cancelled Long Island offshore wind farm, and Toronto Hydro Energy Services to figure out the economic impact.
19 Feb 2009

Renewable energy left blowing in the wind

Chicago-based renewable energy company Invenergy LLC has made a concerted push into Canada, last month bagging one of six contracts from the Ontario Power Authority to build a total of 500 megawatts of wind capacity at a cost of $1.3-billion. But when Invenergy chairman Michael Polsky looks at Canadian renewable energy policy these days, he sees uncertainty that spells problems for a sector already battered by a global recession and credit crunch.
17 Feb 2009

A Canadian citizen asks for responsible energy development

The letter to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty articulates the frustration of many Canadians with the Ontario Provincial government's failure to consider the potential harmful effects of wind power development on the environment and human health and safety. Although written for a Canadian audience, the message applies in the United States and elsewhere in the world where turbine installations are aggressively being pursued.
16 Feb 2009

Ontario to clear way for eco energy projects

It's green and mean. At least some say so. The Ontario government is introducing green legislation next week expected to strip the right of local councils to oppose wind farms and other green industry projects. Wind farms are a prime example of the type of green industry the province is trying to encourage to generate clean electricity and foster growth in new industries.
16 Feb 2009

Premier should use caution

Premier Dalton McGuinty is poised to ram through legislation that could make it impossible for ordinary citizens to object to wind turbines, solar panel fields and biofuel plants on the grounds they're essential to Ontario. This is a disturbing turn and should give every civil libertarian pause. ...Despite the mom-and-apple-pie goodness invoked by its name, the Green Energy Act threatens to set a dangerous precedent.
14 Feb 2009

Don't dictate energy plan

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is clearly floating a trial balloon through the wind-turbine community with his NIMBY message. 'Not in my backyard' isn't a reason for blocking new energy projects that will be tolerated by Queen's Park when its Green Energy Act is rolled out, the premier says. ...McGuinty and the Liberals can rail all they want about the NIMBY crowd, but there are many unknowns about new energy projects and what they will mean to our urban and rural communities. It's not fair to people who've lived in their homes for years to have their peace and quiet, or their sunlight or their fresh air adversely affected.
12 Feb 2009

New windmill law

I am writing to express grave concern about the new Windmill law that will stop municipalities from controlling their own futures. This is particularly important to Prince Edward County. ...Lower property values and dropping tourism are things that we cannot afford and should not have to put up with. Why should the people of Prince Edward County have to sacrifice our new economy, our jobs, our lifestyle, for a provincial initiative that could place these turbines anywhere else in this huge province? The suggestion that this is "NIMBYism" is offensive.
11 Feb 2009

McGuinty vows to stop wind-farm NIMBYs

Taking a swipe at those who oppose wind turbines off the Scarborough Bluffs, Premier Dalton McGuinty is signalling he won't hesitate to foist "green" energy projects on communities across Ontario. Only safety and environmental concerns will be legitimate objections to biofuel plants, solar panel fields and wind turbines under a green energy act to be proposed this month, the premier said yesterday in a speech on the economy.
11 Feb 2009

Dalton McGuinty's "green" illusions on jobs

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has run afoul of two fallacies which plague governments with his new "Green Energy Act." The Act, which does not have a defined price-tag, would supposedly create 50,000 new jobs, putting people to work building windmills, solar power plants ...But there are some hard realities that suggest Premier McGuinty's plan isn't the smartest way to do it. Let's review the reasons why governments cannot create jobs, and why labelling them "green" doesn't change the basic dynamics.
9 Feb 2009

Funds for renewable energy running out quickly: critics

Some experts predict the $1.4 billion in the Canadian government’s main incentive program for wind farms and other renewable energy projects will dry up in ten months ...Since the government has signed incentive agreements worth an average of $82 million per month for the past three months, the remaining $862 million in the program would be allocated in 10 months, says Robert Hornung,
1 Feb 2009

Budget lands blow on our wind farms

In Tuesday's blockbuster budget, Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty quietly cancelled the green energy subsidy that helps wind farms -- including the new one planned for St. Joseph -- stay viable. "That's a problem," acknowledged Manitoba Finance Minister Greg Selinger, who is also in charge of Manitoba Hydro. "It makes it harder, no question."
30 Jan 2009

Bumps in the road

Here in Huron County we have municipalities struggling with how to regulate proposed wind farms. Those opposed to the turbines point to the potential of the health risks some have claimed are possible by living close to turbines. Others don't like the noise from the turbines. Others just don't like what they look like. Whatever the reason, it's clear the issue of wind farms is a controversy that won't go away soon.
28 Jan 2009
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