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Guide to wind power projects released

Developers of wind-power projects in Nova Scotia will have a better understanding of Environment Act requirements because of new information online. A Proponents' Guide to Wind Power Projects, on the Environment and Labour website, can help people prepare an Environmental Assessment Registration document.
28 May 2007

Wind turbines are killers

Earlier this month, the National Academy of Science put forward some compelling evidence that industrial wind power has some serious flaws. Also, recent U.S. Congress hearings brought forth several expert testimonies that warn of a potential environmental disaster (birds, bats, etc.) due to poor siting of turbines and lack of accountability. There are gaping holes in the protection of wildlife, birds and bats in particular, from poorly sited, constructed and monitored wind turbines in both the U.S. and Canada.
24 May 2007

Wind farm wants Kitimat connection

If Kitimat is chosen as the destination for the power produced, a transmission line would run up the Douglas Channel and connect with the BC Transmission Corporation lines here, explained Katabatic president and CEO Tony Duggleby. The line would look similar to the one which runs between Kitimat and Terrace and would have some visual impact on the coast of the Channel, Duggleby admitted while describing the project to Dennis Horwood of the Kitimat Valley Naturalist Society. Horwood described the Douglas Channel as some of the most pristine coastline in the world. While in favour of the wind farm, he expressed his fears of any development along the coast of the Channel.
23 May 2007

Wind farm opponents consider appeal

PUGWASH - Opponents of a proposed wind farm along the Gulf Shore are strongly considering appealing their case to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. "It's something we're giving strong consideration to," Lisa Betts of the Gulf Shore Association said Tuesday. "It's one of the options we're looking at."
22 May 2007

Marsh ideal spot for wind farms: study

The Nova Scotia side of the Tantramar Marsh and other parts of Cumberland County may be ideally suited for the creation of wind farms, says a researcher from the University of Moncton. Yves Gagnon, who was recently hired by the Nova Scotia government, to draw up a wind map of the province said a similar study in New Brunswick revealed favourable conditions on the Tantramar Marsh near the Nova Scotia border.
21 May 2007

Wind power witnesses make good points

Daniel d'Entremont was probably the most impactful ‘lay' witness, as he lived 300-metres from the closest turbine at his home in Nova Scotia. He claims he and his family, were driven from their homes by the turbine noise. He has since been forced to leave the home he built with his own hands and can't sell it, because who would want to live that close to a giant?
16 May 2007

Kilometre setback from homes recommended for Enbridge project

A high-profile witness took the stand against the Enbridge Ontario Wind Power Project last week. Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) testimony kicked off on May 8 with Daniel d'Entremont, a Nova Scotia resident, who made national headlines when he, along with his wife and six children, were driven from their home by sounds emitted by turbines at the Pubnico Point Wind Farm project.
16 May 2007

LUC won’t back wind turbine zoning proposals

Proposed wind turbine zoning proposals from two Logan County townships and a Champaign County township are too restrictive, a committee of the Logan-Union- Champaign Regional Planning Commission decided Thursday. Jefferson and Rushcreek townships and Union Township in Champaign had submitted proposals at the requests of citizens that would effectively ban wind turbines, prosecuting attorneys from both counties advised the LUC.
12 May 2007

Town of Essex, Ontario Bans Wind Projects - One-year hiatus includes home kits

ESSEX - Essex council approved a total ban Monday on new wind power projects-not just the large farms but small home kits as well. Large-scale solar power projects are also banned by the interim control bylaw, which will be in effect for up to a year, while a countywide planning study on alternative energy projects is completed. "This has polarized public opinion," said town planner Chad Jeffery.
8 May 2007

Wind farms too close for comfort

A contro­versial bylaw regulating the construction of wind farms in Cumberland County was ap­proved Wednesday, much to the dismay of its opponents. "We're really disgusted with council, we all are," said Lisa Betts of Gulf Shore. "We provid­ed the county with a ton of infor­mation. This is a complicated is­sue and it's not one where one size fits all. We had hoped that common sense would prevail, but it hasn't."
3 May 2007

Gulf Shore residents to fight on

UPPER NAPPAN - While opponents of a proposed wind farm on the Gulf Shore may have lost a battle, they feel the war is far from over. Moments after Cumberland County passed a bylaw setting the minimum distance between wind farms and neighbouring residences at 500 metres, Gulf Shore residents announced they will continue to fight the proposed project by appealing to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.
3 May 2007

Communities should generate wind projects

THERE'S TROUBLE brewing in Nova Scotia's quest for wind energy. We all know the importance of developing our valuable abundance of clean, green renewable energy in order to offset the greenhouse gases produced by Nova Scotia Power's coal-fired generation plants. Our government has legislated aggressive renewable energy targets for the near future. So wind energy is good, right? Well not always, according to many of the folks from Pugwash.
2 May 2007

County moves ahead with wind farm bylaw

UPPER NAPPAN - Cumberland County is moving ahead with a wind farm bylaw that will set the minimum distance between wind turbines and nearby residences at 500 metres or three times the tower height, which ever is greater. "As far as I'm concerned it's a good compromise," Warden Keith Hunter said following council's May meeting on Wednesday. "Rather than have no regulations, we at least have some regulations. They may be disappointed on the Gulf Shore that we have a 500-metre setback but they should be happy we have a 500-metre setback rather than no setback."
2 May 2007

OMB hearing begins

The Ontario Municipal Board hearing has kicked off at the Municipality of Kincardine Administration Centre and it was a hot ticket on Monday. The parking area and public gallery were both full to hear the opening statements by Enbridge representatives and the appellants against the project. The appeals are addressing a total of 38 zoning bylaws, including 55 turbines throughout the specific properties.
2 May 2007

Windfarm opponents fear their voice would be lost

AMHERST - Opponents of a proposed wind farm near Pugwash are fearful of what could happen should the Municipality of Cumberland move forward with bylaws setting the minimum distance between turbines and homes. The county is expected to make a decision on its proposed wind turbine bylaw at its first May session here today. It is proposing setting the distance at three times the turbine height while opponents feel the distance should be two kilometres.
2 May 2007

OMB Hearing Starts in Kincardine Ontario

Today was the first day of the hearing and most of the day was spent figuring out process and time lines. Over the next seven or eight weeks testimony will be heard from people in Ontario and Nova Scotia who have had their lives ruined by the wind turbines near their homes. Setbacks will be questioned as well as noise levels. This small group of people is fighting not just for themselves, but for everyone who is threatened by a wind farm in their neighborhood.
30 Apr 2007
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