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Expand turbine setbacks: Lynn

Setbacks for wind turbines should be as much as twice the current 550 metres to avoid affecting so many people, Grey Bruce medical office of health Dr. Hazel Lynn said Tuesday. ..."we should have longer setbacks, and if you can't have longer setbacks, well, then maybe we shouldn't be having them (more wind turbine developments) right now."
18 Aug 2010

Cottagers oppose wind turbines

Residents are organizing to fight an enemy whose face and plans aren't entirely clear: Bureaucrats at Queen's Park say they've received 12 applications to build offshore wind farms, but won't disclose which companies made the proposals ...20 sites in the lakes around Ontario, some in Lake Huron, could support 160 turbines each, as well as more than 40 smaller sites.
18 Aug 2010

In-town turbine affecting neighbour's health

I live next to a neighbour who has a contract with Hydro One to reverse her meter using a wind turbine on a 100-foot frontage, in-town lot. Depending on wind direction the ensuing whining of loose moving parts affects my sleep, my appetite, limits the use of my backyard and no doubt will diminish my property value.
17 Aug 2010

Court battle looms over wind turbines

Wind Concerns Ontario, a group opposed to all installations of wind turbines, is severely critical of both the Ontario Government and the wind industry generally in a news release supporting the right of a municipal council to oppose windfarm developments.
12 Aug 2010

Blow job

Wind power is sold as the answer to Nova Scotia's quest for renewable energy, but we're overlooking the health effects on people who live near windmills, and some serious questions about whether wind can really solve our electrical problems.
5 Aug 2010

Letter on wind turbines twisted the facts around

The May 20 Ontario Medical Officer of Health's report says there is no evidence available to date of a direct causal relationship between wind turbines and adverse health effects. This does not mean this topic has been studied and they found that wind turbines cause no problems. The wind industry continues to misquote the report by omitting "available to date".
29 Jul 2010

H-K residents share wind project concerns

Ross Klopp, township resident, stated in a letter to council, "I think Huron- Kinloss council is being very short-sighted considering this development and the placing of turbines so close to Lake Range Road. Lake Range is developing into a prime real estate area. ...Twp. Clerk Sonya Watson said that council and staff have been receiving many phone calls and e-mails from concerned residents regarding the wind project.
27 Jul 2010

Prove there are no harmful effects of windfarms

There are now at least 60 municipalities in Ontario demanding the provincial government impose a moratorium on future wind farm development until independent investigations are completed that prove beyond doubt that industrial wind turbines do not pose any health threat to anyone in communities living in the vicinity of wind farms.
23 Jul 2010

Council to lobby for wind concerns

The Council of the Municipality of Kincardine agreed to support the Building and Planning Committees' recommendation for local politicians to lobby the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and other municipal organizations with citizens' concerns on wind farms at the upcoming AMO conference.
20 Jul 2010

Group opposes wind turbines

Wind turbines will destroy the local landscape, the organization says, adding they will also severely damage property values. As well, the turbines will be seen and heard for miles, the organization says, noting there is mounting evidence the turbines contribute to negative health effects in some people.
14 Jul 2010

Displaced families evidence enough to warrant halt to wind turbines

In Ontario alone there are 115 known and documented reports of residents suffering adverse health effects from wind installations and there are less than 700 turbines in operation. Not very good odds are they? Add to this that problems are seriously underreported due to gag clause restrictions, fear of property devaluation when one speaks publicly, fear of loss of privacy if reporting, and fear of upsetting community harmony.
14 Jul 2010

Turbines and health issues

These turbines emit a pulsing, swishing noise that never stops, and the low frequency noise and infrasound they emit is a very serious concern for populations exposed constantly in their homes. Worldwide, people are reporting sleep disturbance, dizziness, headaches, and a host of other symptoms.
7 Jul 2010

Zurich abandoned to wind farm interests

They are preparing to sacrifice the village of Zurich and just look the other way. The $1-billion wind-farm deal is all well and good for some - the government coffers, big American business and a few farmers - who will benefit, but not those of us in the village of Zurich who will be surrounded by these farms.
3 Jul 2010

Wind opponents targeted by OPP; McGuinty ignores rural residents on green power

Bad enough McGuinty's "Premier Dad/Mr. Rogers" public persona hides a politically thuggish "green" energy agenda that makes no environmental or practical sense. Bad enough our Dalton-come-lately to the issue of climate change, who didn't know the difference between air pollution and greenhouse gases when elected in 2003, now has the gall to dismiss anyone opposed to having industrial wind factories rammed down their throats as NIMBYS.
27 Jun 2010

The winds of change blow slowly

"There is a lot of work to be done," says Joyce McLean, Toronto Hydro's director of strategic issues. "We're talking four or five years before we'd see any wind turbines here." ...Wind is not lacking. But support for this project may be harder to locate. Ms. McLean confesses that, "We have some very vocal opponents, and we were surprised at the velocity of their opposition."
12 Jun 2010

Wind Turbine Lawsuit Set

A group of farmers in Midwestern Ontario is turning to the courts in an effort to stop wind turbine development in Central Huron. But the lawsuit could grow to include residents from across the province. A proposed class-action lawsuit seeks damages from TTD Wind Project, Twenty-Two Degree Energy Corporation and individuals who put up wind turbines on their properties.
9 Jun 2010
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