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Wind farm opposition gaining strength

According to Krogh, a 10-decibel difference is equal to double the sound to the human ear. She said the Province allows between 40 to 51 dB. Krogh says the experts say anything over 32 dB can cause significant health issues in humans and animals. Krogh said the intermittent swoosh-swoosh sound is actually harder on the human ear than constant sound.
6 Jul 2012

Alberta rancher told she was not welcome in Ontario

Norma Schmidt and Jutta Splettstoesser from the Kincardine area were both in attendance. ...Schmidt says wind turbines have destroyed her health and is determined to halt wind power in its tracks. She says she is living in hell and has been for three years, and she asked that Eijgel discontinue these speaking engagements.
29 Jun 2012

Firm eyes Windham for wind power

"We carefully drafted and approved a town plan that prohibits commercial wind development on our ridgelines," Boyer said. "And our intention is to uphold our town plan." Grafton officials are researching what their regulations might say about wind power.
27 Jun 2012

Meaford Council to wind developers: You're not welcome here

“Now Therefore, regardless of the undemocratic terms of Ontario Bill 150, be it resolved that the Council of the Municipality of Meaford confirms that it is not desirous of any Industrial Wind turbine development within our corporation, and requests that developers of wind farms do not submit further applications within our municipal boundaries,” read the resolution.
26 Jun 2012

Opponents rail against wind farms in Valley

Dr. Carl Phillips, an American epidemiologist invited by local citizens, presented evidence regarding the health effects of wind turbines. Those effects include sleep and mood disorders, headaches and increased stress, Phillips said. ...It would be "unconscionable" to allow wind farms less than 1,600 metres from homes, Phillips said.
21 Jun 2012

They sound homey - they aren't

GREEN ENERGY: Don't be fooled by the names of many of the massive wind farms sprouting up across Southwestern Ontario. There's a local ring to them, but they're actually owned by multinationals as far-flung as Calgary, Florida and China, to name a few. John Miner reports.Wilson said the multinationals have adopted local names for their wind farms because they want to put a local face on them when they're nothing of the kind. By setting each wind farm up as a separate company, they limit their liability if something goes wrong, she said. "If there is some kind of a problem, it is limited to just that particular project and not the whole company."
20 Jun 2012

Tempers blow, profanity flows at turbine gathering

Lisa Michaud, whose family has launched a $1.5-million lawsuit, claiming negative health impacts have been caused by a wind farm near their Thamesville hobby farm, would welcome studies at her property. She said the health impacts spread to their small goat herd, noting the animals would stand out in all kinds of inclement weather, refusing to go into their shelter.
15 Jun 2012

Home wind turbine has Vancouver neighbourhood upset

The home, currently under construction in the 3400-block of West 22nd Avenue, will have rooftop solar panels, while a ten-metre wind turbine is to be built beside the garage at the back of the property. But neighbours Bruce and Gale Arnold and others say they're going to fight against the construction.
14 Jun 2012

Wind power comes at a cost

Wind farms, while infinitely preferable to coal-fired generating plants, still carry environmental costs. They tend to kill birds and other wildlife - commercial wind turbines at Alta-Gas's Bear Mountain wind farm in northeastern B.C. are being blamed for the deaths of endangered bats. They can also leave a hefty mark on the landscape.
13 Jun 2012

Wind farm consultations start over

Community relations consultant Derek Dudek told council Monday that because the proposed location of the project has been enlarged, the public notification process must begin again starting with the first public information meeting planned for July 18 in Durham. The location is yet to be announced.
1 Jun 2012

Wind farm consultations start over

Dudek said the company prefers a format where information is posted on boards placed around the room ...That didn't sit well with Coun. Bev Cutting. "I suggest that you make it a proper public consultation . . . just because you want to do your way isn't what we prefer. It's our properties, do it the way we want it done," Cutting said to applause.
31 May 2012

Auditor huffs over wind power rush

Although the province's chief medical officer of health, Dr. Arlene King, said there's no scientific evidence that directly links wind turbine noise and adverse health effects, the AG acknowledged more research is needed. ...McCarter also questioned the sustainability and affordability of the technology.
26 May 2012

Bluewater resident promises to fight wind turbines until he's in a cremation urn

"We may not win all the battles, but doggone it, we're going to win this war," Dave Griffiths, of Bluewater Against Turbines, told councillors from the Municipality of Bluewater during a special council meeting to discuss three wind energy projects slated for the municipality. Numerous times during his five-minute address to council, his words were met with applause.
18 May 2012

Kings County says no to wind farms

Large-scale wind farms will be unwelcome in any part of Kings County, at least in the immediate future. Municipal council on Tuesday night gave first reading to a recommendation from its planning advisory committee to prohibit all major wind projects while it reviews issues around the controversial developments.
16 May 2012

Another green energy firm closes in Windsor

Siliken Renewable Energies closed its solar panel production facility Friday in Windsor. The company made the announcement almost one year to the day after it opened and on the very day it was revealed the city still has Canada's highest unemployment rate. Siliken did not reveal how many employees lost their jobs Friday.
11 May 2012

Anti-wind rally on the border: Quebec politicians enter fray

MP Jean Rousseau said Sunday, during a rally on the lawn at the international Haskell Free Library, that he will also present a petition opposing two industrial-sized wind turbines in Derby near homes in Stanstead to the Canadian House of Commons this week. Roussea is seeking a unanimous vote of support from the House of Commons for the petition.
7 May 2012
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