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No winners in County windmill action

In the Statement of Claim, the plainiffs say they're suffering from aggravation, anguish and mental distress because of not being able to sell their property, and the worry over possible negative health effects from wind turbines.
19 Aug 2012

Wind turbine project offers cash to neighbours

While other wind farms in Ontario pay thousands a year to landowners who actually have a turbine located on their property, developers of the K2 Wind Project have offered to pay everybody else with a home within one kilometre of a turbine, the substation or the transformer station.
17 Aug 2012

Wind concerns power lawsuit

A $14 million lawsuit was filed by 20 plaintiffs against more than 20 landowners and wind proponent WPD Canada last week for contracts to construct turbines on private property in South Marysburgh.
7 Aug 2012

Protestors against wind turbines showing determination

This Suncor-owned project "Cedar Point" consists of 62 of what may be the world's highest turbines (up to 800 ft.) that organizers of the protest say will litter the pristine countryside. Another turbine concentration called the Jericho Project consists of 92 turbines that will overlap this same area with many more planned.
3 Aug 2012

Projects get wind taken out of sails

The majority of large-scale wind farms proposed across Nova Scotia won't be going ahead any time soon, the Energy Department confirmed Friday. Nineteen projects were pitched to the province ...three ventures were approved when the renewable electricity administrator announced contracts on Thursday.
3 Aug 2012

Two Conservative Niagara politicians want wind turbine moratorium

Health Canada said researchers will conduct face-to-face interviews with residents, as well as taking physical measurements such as blood pressure, and measuring noise levels both inside and outside some of the homes. The study is being designed with support from external experts, specializing in areas including noise, health assessment, clinical medicine and epidemiology.
31 Jul 2012

Wind farm opposition emerges in Hermanville

John MacDonald said he never heard about the public meeting regarding the proposed wind energy farm in Hermanville. (CBC) A group of residents near Hermanville in northeastern P.E.I. is making complaints about a proposal for a wind farm in the area, saying they have been kept in the dark on the plans.
30 Jul 2012

Amherst seeks wind farm slowdown

"We've received a number of calls, emails and presentations expressing concerns about the effects on health and property values," Robert Small, the town's mayor, said Tuesday. "These points of view deserve to be investigated. All the reports we've seen so far come from industry itself and not an independent body."
18 Jul 2012

Rethinking wind farms

It's not just the "insidious, life-deadening noise," as one letter-writer to the Whig put it, but the fluctuations in air pressure and the vibrations that cause breathing problems, digestive issues, anxiety, headaches, struggles with concentration and disrupted sleep. And then there's the horrifying thought that the windmills could also cause learning disabilities in their children.
12 Jul 2012

Wind turbine opponents welcome health effects study

"Finally," said Fred Ortt, a member of Haldimand Wind Concerns, which is questioning the location of hundreds of wind turbines in the county by companies such as Samsung, the Niagara Region Wind Corp., Pattern Energy and Capital Power Corporation. "We've been asking for it for four years," said Ortt, who will have his Cheapside-area house surrounded by six proposed turbines.
11 Jul 2012

Western Wind falls on partial U.S. grant receipt

Western Wind was awarded a $78.3 million U.S. grant ...The Vancouver-based company had applied for $90.5 million under the Treasury Department's 1603 cash grant program and plans to appeal to receive the full amount. The $12.2 million shortfall may make it harder for Western Wind to repay short-term loans that are due soon for its 120- megawatt Windstar project in Tehachapi, California
10 Jul 2012

Wind farm opposition gaining strength

According to Krogh, a 10-decibel difference is equal to double the sound to the human ear. She said the Province allows between 40 to 51 dB. Krogh says the experts say anything over 32 dB can cause significant health issues in humans and animals. Krogh said the intermittent swoosh-swoosh sound is actually harder on the human ear than constant sound.
6 Jul 2012
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