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Group assails wind farm

Until a few months ago, one would have been hard pressed to find any sort of organized opposition to the mega-wind project proposed for Wolfe Island. Times have changed. These days, it's hard for some local residents to recall a more divisive issue in the recent history of the tight-knit, pastoral community. Residents with concerns about the location of the 86 steel turbines have formed an action group they've called Wolfe Island Residents for the Environment - or WIRE. The group has been attracting new members.
14 Jul 2007

Group urges MacDonald to put Pugwash-area wind farm on hold

PUGWASH - The head of a citizens' group fighting a proposed wind farm in northwestern Nova Scotia is urging the province to stop the project until its safety can be proven. "Please err on the side of caution and call a moratorium on all wind power developments that are any closer than two kilometres of a residence until independent and government research has been done to establish the safe and healthy distance from a turbine people should be living," Lisa Betts said in a letter to Premier Rodney MacDonald.
14 Jul 2007

Turbines stir debate

THEY say the population in Pugwash more than triples in the summer months with the huge influx of cottage owners, none more distinguished than singer Anne Murray. These seasonal residents have a right to be heard just like any others............This squabble reveals the growth of the wind industry in Nova Scotia is occurring in a largely unregulated environment. The province wants 20 per cent of electricity generated by renewable sources by 2013. This means more wind projects are coming and the government should adopt uniform regulations to bring certainty to developers and the public. Voluntary Planning, an independent and trusted board, should be asked to consult with the public and experts, and come up with recommendations on rules to harness this energy.
13 Jul 2007

Wind farm plan in Grey Highlands

Some guidelines for wind farms in Grey Highlands. The municipality has been working with landscape architects from the University of Guelph to develop guidelines about where giant wind turbines can be located. Professor Robert Corry -- who worked on the study -- says they have used the guidelines to develop a comprehensive zoning plan. In the plan -- the municipality is divided into three distinct areas.
13 Jul 2007

Island family abandons home because of wind farm

Dwayne Bailey has some simple advice for Gulf Shore residents fighting a proposed wind farm in their area, don't give up the fight because they may regret the consequences. Bailey recently abandoned his Elmira, P.E.I., home because noise from a nearby wind farm was becoming intolerable. It kept the family awake at night and impacted their health with headaches and vision problems. "Don't let them put up the windfarm, it's way too close to the houses. It chased us out of our house and it could happen to someone else. We didn't have much a choice and it resulted in us leaving our home," Bailey said, adding his parents also abandoned their home.
13 Jul 2007

More approvals for Enbridge project

The Enbridge Wind Farm project is proceeding in Kincardine. Council has accepted the site plan agreements to about a dozen bylaws not under appeal and the holding provisions attached were also removed. Mayor Larry Kraemer says the bylaws also confirm that Enbridge has complied to all of the restrictions on each property including the turbine positions and property line setbacks.
13 Jul 2007

Betts asks premier to intervene against wind farm

PUGWASH - The head of a citizens group fighting a proposed wind farm in the Gulf Shore area is asking the province to stop the project until its safety can be proven. "Please err on the side of caution and call a moratorium of all wind power developments that are any closer than two kilometres of a residence until independent and government research has been done to establish the safe and healthy distance from a turbine people should be living," Lisa Betts said in a letter to Premier Rodney MacDonald.
12 Jul 2007

Media noise

Thank you Anne Murray for your support! Thank you to the hundreds of others who have also voiced their support in trying to preserve this beautiful, peaceful area. Maybe some of the media interest spurred by Ms Murray's comments will help AWPC (and their subsidiary Cobequid Area Wind Farms [CAWF]) to finally understand that there is considerable opposition to this proposed project. There is no small voice of just a few people here, the entire Shore is in opposition.
10 Jul 2007

Boralex looks for more answers in the wind

A Quebec energy company that has built up a wind power business in France is bringing that expertise to Canada to take advantage of Ontario's interest in alternative sources of electricity. Boralex Inc. has acquired rights to develop nine wind farms in Windsor and Essex County in southwestern Ontario.
10 Jul 2007

Murray blasted for wind farm opposition

AMHERST - The developer of a proposed wind farm in northwestern Nova Scotia says singer Anne Murray's opposition to the project isn't helpful and will only inflame the situation. Charles Demond of Atlantic Wind Power reacted Monday to Murray's highly publicized comments last week about the company's plans to build between 20 and 27 wind turbines in the Gulf Shore area, where Murray has a summer home. "It's not helpful at all for the business of our company and wind farms at large to have someone like Anne Murray saying this is going to be a catastrophe for the area," Demond said. "We don't accept that and it's categorically not true.
10 Jul 2007

Opponents of Manitoba wind farm blow off steam at meeting

A planned wind farm west of Winnipeg attracted some criticism Monday night, as area residents expressed concerns at a meeting in Elie about the effect on existing farms. The 99-megawatt project would be in the Regional Municipality of Cartier, about 16 kilometres west of the city. It is one of four in the planning stages in Manitoba by Winnipeg power company Sequoia. Local farmer Ed Rempel said because of wet conditions this summer, he's had to aerial spray his crops, something he couldn't do if there were wind turbines. He told local government and Sequoia officials that's one of a number of issues farmers will have to deal with if the wind farm is allowed.
10 Jul 2007

Some northeast B.C. residents worried about effects of proposed wind power project

DAWSON CREEK, B.C. - Bear Mountain area residents say they just want their voices heard as a nearby wind power project gets closer to being developed. The Community For Responsible Wind Power formed last year to keep tabs on the proposed wind park. The project, which would feature 60 78-metre turbines is entering the final days of the environmental assessment process. Should it receive environmental certification, preliminary work in the area could begin this fall The project would be the first of its kind in the province to be situated so close to a populated area.
6 Jul 2007

Anne Murray lends voice to opponents of N.S. wind farm

GULF SHORE - Nova Scotia's songbird wishes a proposed wind farm in Gulf Shore would just fly away. Singer Anne Murray, who has a summer home in the area, is joining other residents in opposing the construction by Atlantic Wind Power Corp. of 20 to 27 100-metre-high wind turbines in the province's northwest corner. ``I just think it's too close. It's in all our backyards,'' said Murray, who grew up in nearby Springhill.
5 Jul 2007

OMB denies deferral motion on turbines

The Ontario Municipal Board has denied a motion to defer the Melancthon portion of wind farm hearings until the Amaranth ones have been heard, or to defer the Melancthon decision until the Amaranth hearing concludes. In other pre-hearing matters, a new lawyer on the scene appears to have served notice that he will challenge whether or not the siting of the proposed wind farm complies with many provisions of an official plan amendment that allows commercial-scale wind generators to be built in rural areas.
5 Jul 2007

Cross-border electricity corridor going forward

AUGUSTA — A new study of the legalities and logistics of an electrical utility partnership involving Maine and New Brunswick shows no significant barriers to such a cross-border collaboration. It also shows “significant economic and environmental benefits” are possible on both sides of the border through closer coordination in the production and transmission of electricity.
5 Jul 2007

Proposed Bruce-Milton transmission corridor widening sparks debate

Landowners in Grey and Bruce are organizing to protect their interests in the proposed widening of the Bruce to Milton hydro transmission corridor. Grey-Bruce Power Line landowners represents about 50 property owners who want their concerns heard by Hydro One, the Ontario Power Authority and the province. They're working with a similar group from Halton Hills on questions about expropriation and compensation, and will meet again July 10 in Hanover. Hydro One wants to add a third high-voltage line to carry power from Bruce reactors and wind farms. That means widening the existing corridor by 200 feet.
30 Jun 2007

Sempra to acquire wind farm co-rights; As many as 125 turbines planned in Baja project

Sempra Energy has taken its first step into the clean energy business by buying rights to a proposed wind farm in Baja California. The company said yesterday that it will buy co-development rights from Cannon Power Corp., which is also based in San Diego, to a proposed 250-megawatt wind generation project in La Rumorosa, about 70 miles east of San Diego and south of the international border. Sempra declined to disclose what it paid for its interest but said that full development of the wind farm would cost about $400 million. A 250-megawatt project could generate enough electricity to power tens of thousands of homes or more, depending on wind conditions.
30 Jun 2007

Wind farm opponents air views

Bruce county's planning committee is being buffeted by strong opinions on the wind farm debate. The airing of views at a public meeting was part of a five-year review of the county Official Plan, which will include policies on commercial wind farms. Planning director Chris LaForest predicted the open house would hear from several delegations representing differing but firmly held viewpoints. Nearly a dozen speakers made presentations during the two-hour session.
28 Jun 2007
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