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Court challenge threatens Ontario's wind energy plans

Underpinning the anti-wind movement's new-found credibility is the presence of Dr. Bob McMurtry, an orthopedic surgeon and former dean of the University of Western Ontario's medical school, who initially began researching turbines in the hopes of owning one himself. His findings turned him against wind. McMurtry, who, like Hanna, owns property in Prince Edward County, will serve as one of three expert witnesses in Hanna's court case
24 Jan 2011

Wind deserves study: MOH

Smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity and social inequality "are much more critical health hazards" than wind turbines, but that doesn't mean the minority of people who suffer from exposure to wind farms should be dismissed, Dr. Hazel Lynn said Friday. Lynn told a board of health meeting there are eight areas in which she would like to see more research.
22 Jan 2011

Health official fires back at group

A health official who suspects a link between wind turbines and ill health accused a green advocacy group of twisting her words. Dr. Hazel Lynn was outraged when the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment sent out a media release that suggested she had disavowed the link.
22 Jan 2011

Walkom: How McGuinty’s windmill dreams became a nightmare

Being a scientific sort of chap, McMurtry began by researching the issue. What he discovered alarmed him. In particular, he ran into evidence — re-enforced by personal encounters later — that low-frequency humming associated with wind turbines may lead to chronic sleeplessness, stress and even hypertension causing heart disease for anyone living within two kilometres of a machine.
15 Jan 2011

Turbines challenged in court

Ontario's minimum setback distance for turbines is being challenged this month in court by Ian Hanna of Prince Edward County, and next month an appeal of the approval of a Chatham-Kent wind farm goes before Ontario's Environmental Review Tribunal.
12 Jan 2011

We're victims of passing wind trend

Only recently has the Ontario Liberal government stumbled into the fray by stifling local opposition to corporate wind with the Green Energy Act. Their belated attempt to establish a substantial renewable power industry in Ontario is costing Ontario taxpayers dearly with huge subsidies to Samsung and its Korean government-owned partner.
11 Jan 2011

Families going bankrupt to fight wind power companies

Every business deserves the opportunity to succeed and prosper, but never at the expense of human, animal and environmental health. Unfortunately, the very people that industrial wind turbines are hurting do not have the funds for large display ads to warn people about the truth of the harm and the deceit of the provincial government's renewable energy policy.
10 Jan 2011

Health effects of turbines? We already know

The ambient noise in rural environments such as Silcote Corners is from 25- 30 decibels, since it is not influenced by other background noises of traffic, industry and the like. So the question becomes, how disruptive is noise of 40-45 decibels from an industrial complex (such as the wind farm) when it is located in a natural environment with an ambient noise level of 25- 30 decibels (or 15-20 decibels less)?
8 Jan 2011

Wind battle coming to C-K

The world's leading experts on the impact of wind turbines on human health will blow into Chatham-Kent in February. The Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal will hear an appeal of the approval of the Kent Breeze Wind Farm, an eight-turbine project slated for the Thamesville area.
7 Jan 2011

Legal challenge could stall Ontario wind projects

One day in the summer of 2008, Ian Hanna went to an open house in Prince Edward County about the possible health effects on wind turbines on people who live near them. ...His worries grew to the point that later this month his lawyer will be in a Toronto courtroom, arguing a case that could put further wind power development in Ontario on hold.
5 Jan 2011

Hold off on wind turbines, says speaker

Dr. Robert McMurtry has some advice for municipal leaders fighting to block development of industrial wind turbines: do everything possible to delay the process until next October. That's when McMurtry, a former dean of medicine at the University of Western Ontario, believes Ontarians will elect a new government.
22 Dec 2010

MOH targets ill effects of turbines

In recent years, the burgeoning wind energy industry has been able to count as an ally public health officials in Ontario - but that may soon change. Dr. Hazel Lynn, the chief medical officer of health in Grey and Bruce counties, is laying the groundwork for what would be the first Ontario-based study to examine the link between wind turbines and ill health.
13 Dec 2010

Wind power a worry for neighbours

When Marion Thompson walks out the front door of her cattle farm, just outside of Millbrook, she says the last thing she wants to see is a nearly 480-foot wind turbine. The proposed Whispering Woods Wind Farm is expected to consist of up to five such turbines, each generating 2 megawatts of energy.
11 Dec 2010

Much to know about dotting rural landscape with wind turbines

Wind turbine companies have signed leases in the areas surrounding Stratford, Mitchell, Sebringville and St. Marys and are currently canvassing Fullarton and Hibbert wards. Once leases are signed, our neighbourhoods will become what every other community with turbines have become: divided, neighbour against neighbour, communities split because of secrecy and fear of the health problems that develop.
9 Dec 2010

Can steady annoyance lead to illness?

This begs the question of whether a frequent or constant annoyance can lead to illness of some kind. This is something that deserves consideration ...As well, there's something to be said for requiring all wind-farm developers to offer to purchase any residence within two kilometres of a planned turbine.
2 Dec 2010
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