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Wind farm proposed on Leslie Spit

A little-known renewable energy company claims to be working on a wind project at the base of the spit. Details of the proposal are sketchy, and the proponent is something of a mystery. But opponents of the project are already starting to rally.
30 Jul 2013

Region backs ‘unwilling' status for wind turbines

Regional politicians have thrown their support behind decisions by the townships of Wainfleet and West Lincoln to declare themselves unwilling hosts to industrial wind turbine projects. That decision by regional council Thursday night, which was greeted by loud applause by anti-turbine residents in the regional council chambers.
25 Jun 2013

Flights of fancy?

Chatham-Kent was fertile ground for the Liberals when rolling out their plans to populate rural Ontario with turbines ...Would eight wind turbines have been erected as close to a municipal airport in rural Ontario had the local municipality been allowed to be more involved in the turbines' location?
14 Jun 2013

Wind turbine fight dies down in Cape Breton

Richmond County and Scotian Windfields have reached a settlement which will allow a plan to build a wind turbine on Isle Madame to go forward. The project has been in the works for five years, but the county and the company were in a dispute over rezoning for the turbine.
13 Jun 2013

Big Wind SLAPPs Critic

What's at stake here? For Wrightman and other anti-wind activists, the issue is freedom of speech and their right to fight to protect themselves and the value of their homes from the noise and other issues that come with having 500-foot-tall turbines in their neighborhoods. Regardless of your feelings about wind energy, NextEra's SLAPP suit against Wrightman should be condemned. She is simply exercising her rights.
12 Jun 2013

Esther Wrightman speaks out

Esther Wrightman has been sued by NextEra for opposing the company's actions in Ontario. Esther speaks with Ezra Levant about her fight against big wind bullies. Duration: 11 minutes 52 seconds
10 Jun 2013

‘It breaks my heart; Resident recalls living near turbines

Barbara Ashbee and Dennis Lormand lived 457 metres from an industrial wind turbine in Amaranth, Ont. for seven months before the wind company bought them out of their home. Despite signing a non-disclosure agreement, Ashbee is sharing her story in hopes of convincing the province to put a stop on wind energy development.
6 Jun 2013

Insurance industry wary of covering farms with turbines after Collingwood court ruling

The insurance industry, which does not have uniform policies on liability insurance for farms with industrial turbines, is closely watching the situation. "As more and more turbines go up and more and more liability suits are presented, you will be able to tell the appetite of the insurance companies, whether they will cover farms (with turbines)."
3 May 2013

Town Hall wind turbine meeting attendees encouraged

Gillespie updated last week's events and noted nine experts have testified for the PECFN. Gillespie said the ERT panel has accepted their presentations on the serious and irreversible harm of turbines to bats, birds, butterflies, turtles and the environment as "expert testimony" while noting a few of Gilead Power's witnesses have "limited expertise" and the Ministry of Environment's presentation "experienced" in reviewing reports.
28 Apr 2013

NSP gets OK for $93m share of windfarm

A residents group has appealed last month's decision by the Municipality of the District of Chester to grant the wind farm a development agreement. Members of the Friends of South Canoe Lake are concerned about the setback distances of turbines and their potential effects on residents' health and property values.
27 Apr 2013

Getting tough on turbines

"Be it resolved that Norfolk County council applauds the position taken by the Premier and the Government, and that, based on the position of Norfolk County council and the input received from the community regarding (industrial wind turbines), the Province of Ontario - and specifically the Ministry of Environment - be now advised that Norfolk County is not a 'willing host' for industrial wind turbine projects."
23 Apr 2013

Wind project on Sable Island over budget and at a standstill 13 years later

Parks Canada says it's conducting a technical assessment of the power grid to determine the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to generating energy on the 40-kilometre island. Julie Tompa, project manager for the Sable Island National Park Reserve, said it's possible the turbines could be scrapped, depending on the results of that assessment.
18 Apr 2013

Activists want N.S. to yank approval for wind farm plan

The energy minister should withdraw his approval of a Halifax County wind farm because the project doesn't have enough local support, says a Terence Bay group. The Friends of River Road was formed last summer in opposition to a six-megawatt wind farm Chebucto Terence Bay Wind Field Inc. proposed in partnership with Renewable Energy Services Ltd.
10 Apr 2013

Greta Thompson writes to Premier, politicians

Thompson said the focus should be on meeting the service needs of all Ontario residents and on protecting the most-affected rural residents, environment and family heritage in the immediate impact area. "The news is filled with stories about those opposed to wind turbines and those supporting them. It's a never-ending war of opposing forces in many rural communities.'' Thompson said the wars are tearing the rural social fabric to shreds.
26 Mar 2013
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