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Are turbines harmful to people?

Windmills, and wind turbines, are harmless. Or are they? Centuries after Quixote's fictional fight, the question of wind-power safety is at the centre of a battle between homeowners and an energy firm 150 km southeast of Calgary, where hundreds of wind turbines are planned. Two farmers living close to the Blackspring Ridge Wind Project say they are worried about long-term health impacts -- something the company, Greengate, says has no basis in fact.
5 Feb 2009

Residents ask H-K council for help with wind turbine issues

A number of Huron-Kinloss residents are claiming the Suncor/Acciona wind turbine project is having a serious impact on their health. A presentation was made at Huron-Kinloss council's Jan. 19 meeting requesting help in their talks with Suncor and Acciona. Sandy MacLeod claimed the turbines are the cause of a rash of health problems, including high blood pressure, headaches, sleep disturbances ...
28 Jan 2009

City set to go ahead with less noisy wind project

Murphy said one of the major concerns of residents was noise. He said the city has now modified its plans to bring the noise level below 45 decibels - a standard that will address the noise issue. Residents were also concerned about the closeness of the turbines to property lines. Murphy said the setback requirements go hand in hand with noise levels so by reducing the noise levels generated by the turbines, the structures can remain located as planned.
9 Jan 2009

Residents fear impact of wind farm; Many worry turbines will hurt health, property values

The residents of North Gower who crowded into a small community hall to hear about the wind farm proposed for their backyard know the time for green power has come, but that didn't stop worries about the impact of giant turbines on their health and property values. ...Many of the 300 who filed through the three-hour information session supported the idea of moving to more renewable fuels, but questioned how the sight and sound of the turbines would affect them and drive down the value of their properties.
8 Jan 2009

Noisy wind farms affect property enjoyment

It was great to see Essex County put a hold on wind farm projects. There are a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to this energy solution. ...Until one is up close to one of these giants, it is hard to comprehend their imposing nature. There is a place for wind farms, but it must not interfere with a person's right to enjoy their property.
30 Dec 2008

Health impacts from the Melancthon wind energy facility

Save Our Skyline Renfrew County ( conducted this interview with Helen Fraser whose home, where she had lived for more than 30 years, was surrounded by turbines. Ms. Fraser discusses the health issues she suffered after the Melancthon wind energy facility near Shelburne, Ontario, began operation in the spring of 2006. In total, tewlve turbines were visible on three sides of her home, the closest only 423 meters away. Eight of the turbines had an obvious direct impact on her home, with noise or shadow flicker. Shortly after the turbines went online. Ms. Fraser began having severe head and body aches, ringing in her ears, digestive issues, and chronic fatigue. Duration: 20 minutes 51 seconds
5 Dec 2008

Medical Society seeks delay in wind farm for health investigation

Opponents of a proposed four-turbine wind farm in North St. Eleanors have received the support of the Medical Society of Prince Edward Island to delay the project pending a health investigation. In a letter to the city's mayor and council, long-time Summerside physician Paul Kelly made formal application to city officials that they delay the project calling for four wind turbines on the former landfill site in St. Eleanors. ..."The Medical Society of Prince Edward Island has been asked to address the issue of setback distances associated with wind turbines," he said.
19 Nov 2008

...and two against

When the turbines started up near her home, in Shelburne, Ont., Helen Fraser suffered severe health effects. ...The latest ad from Sky-Power [a developer of renewable energy projects], states: "In over 25 years and with more than 68,000 turbines installed around the world, no member of the public has ever been harmed by wind turbines." ...So who is telling the truth?
11 Nov 2008

Opposition to wind turbines growing

As the government of P.E.I. prepares plans to triple wind-power generation on the Island, grassroots opposition to the developments is growing. Many of those wind turbines are planned for West Prince, the area that currently has the largest wind energy production in the province. Monday night, about two dozen West Prince residents gathered to discuss strategies for lobbying the province to take more care about where the turbines are placed.
22 Oct 2008

N.S. wants more info on Shear Wind farm; Neighbours worry about noise

Nova Scotia's environment minister wants more information about a proposed $150-million wind farm in Pictou County before he will give it the go-ahead. Mark Parent sent a letter last week to Shear Wind, developer of the Glen Dhu wind farm near Merigomish, Pictou County, asking for details on the proximity of the wind turbines to nearby homes and the anticipated noise levels. "During the review, many local residents expressed concern about the potential for noise from the wind farm," Mr. Parent wrote last Wednesday in a two-page letter to Ian Tillard, Shear Wind's chief operating officer.
15 Oct 2008

Wind turbines cause health problems, residents say

Wind turbines are popping up in rural communities around the world, including Canada, in the hope that they will reduce reliance on coal and other sources for power. Currently, there are about 1,500 turbines across Canada and there are plans to build another 1,000 to 1,500 in the next year. But some residents who live near wind farms complain the turbines cause a number of adverse health effects, such as crippling headaches, nose bleeds and a constant ringing in the ears. ..."I had problems with my heart, with my eyes, my digestive system," Marshall told CTV News. "It traumatizes your whole body."
6 Oct 2008

Consider the impact of noise from wind turbines

It was noted that there are always costs that must be mitigated when producing power for our consumerist lifestyles. One glaring omission from the meagre list of negatives to wind power is the pollution of noise and its sequela. These generators are very noisy. Research into sound pollution is not complete and its effects on both human and wildlife must be considered. ...We must do a full environmental assessment on how the sound vibrations will affect life within its footprint, just as we would any other technology.
24 Sep 2008

Assessment Review Board of Ontario orders property value reduction

Assessmentreviewdecisionthompson_thumb In 2008, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation ('MPAC') assessed the 1,320-square-foot house owned by Paul Thompson at $255,000. Mr. Thompson, sought a reduction in the house value from MPAC due to noise from Canadian Hydro Developers' transformer station built 360 meters from his front door. The station services the nearby Melancthon I wind energy facility consisting of 133 wind turbines located in Melancthon and Amaranth townships in Ontario Canada. Thompson was denied the reduction and he appealed to the Assessment Review Board ('ARB'). The ARB found in favor of Mr. Thompson's appeal and issued an order to reduce the assessment of his property to $127,000, a 50% drop in value. The report found "There is evidence that noise contaminations exists without any apparent cure." The documentation explaining the property value reduction can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.
12 Sep 2008

RM to look into turbine noise issue

Property devaluation, a lack of democratic process, and insufficient guarantees for sound monitoring had a group of 15 RM of Rhineland residents asking council to consider several requests last week. The group presented a five page document outlining their concerns about the proposed BowArk 120 wind turbine project to council, and highlighted several of them. Joe Braun questioned the lack of public consultation on the project, pointing out that many who are now opposed didn't have that knowledge initially. "How... does a wind project that is to last 40 years, cost $750 million, and impose a massive industrial impact on the landscape, occur without public input and information, without regulations or guarantees?" he asked.
20 Jun 2008

Noise study has no credence

Had the research been peer reviewed, published in a scientific journal of repute and conducted completely independently by Ryerson University, with funding for the project not emanating from any level of government, credence could legitimately be given to its findings. ...The lengths and depths to which governments at all levels will go in order to foist their projects onto an unwilling electorate no longer surprises me, but I am bitterly disappointed. We deserve better.
14 May 2008
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