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Energy expansion exploration could lead to U.S. partnerships: Massachusetts official

On Tuesday, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia announced they would explore building new transmission lines between the two provinces, which would more than double the amount of electricity that can be shared between them. A similar expansion of capacity between centrally located New Brunswick and the northeastern United States could give the Maritimes access to a lucrative energy market.
23 Jul 2010

Green Giant runs amok in Ontario

The advantage for the rest of Canada is Ontario has literally become a "hothouse" of all things "green" imposed by governments, ostensibly to help the environment, that don't actually work. Or rather, that work not to clean up the planet, but to separate hapless taxpayers from an ever-increasing amount of the "green" in their wallets.
21 Jul 2010

New wind resolution passed

The first part of the new resolution directs staff to prepare as full a report as possible on renewable energy applications in the township, rather than follow what elected officials called a restrictive provincial consultation process. The resolution also states that while staff will rely on internal resources to comment on green energy applications, the township will also consider "input and approaches from other jurisdictions.
14 Jul 2010

Clarington wants into wind farm court battle

"This will give the municipality a chance to put forward a view in a court of law," said Councillor Adrian Foster. Municipal solicitor Andy Allison warned council it is unlikely the municipality will be allowed to participate in the case. The review is scheduled to begin in late September.
13 Jul 2010

Dead Air

Wind is fickle. Sometimes it blows, sometimes it doesn't. And the times it tends to ease off are frustratingly on those stifling summer days when we need it most ...We're not sure whether there's a technical term for wind too light to turn those expensive turbines, but sailors have a good word for it. They call it dead air.
12 Jul 2010

Turbine-fighting municipalities form committee

Just over 20 municipalities provincewide have either supported or endorsed a bylaw Arran-Elderslie passed in April. The bylaw invokes Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - which deals with "the protection of life, liberty and security of person" in an attempt to control wind turbine development within the municipality. The bylaw requires certification that wind turbines do not cause health effects.
10 Jul 2010

Green energy double standard for urban and rural

The Energy Minister's reason for this five kilometer proposal, which was quoted to be in response to "the concerns of some moderate people, who were concerned if they go to the beach, they could be looking up at a huge wind turbine." In other words, the proposal is in reaction to urbanites' concerns about aesthetics, which is not considered to be a valid concern in rural areas.
9 Jul 2010

Green blackout

Ontario ratepayers are already being punished by excess supplies of intermittent and non-controllable power generation. ...many environmental organizations have been claiming that wind power developed offshore from Toronto would help eliminate the need for real transmission reinforcement. Ontario's actual wind power experience proves that wind power is least reliable during summer peak demand periods.
7 Jul 2010

Wind opponents targeted by OPP; McGuinty ignores rural residents on green power

Bad enough McGuinty's "Premier Dad/Mr. Rogers" public persona hides a politically thuggish "green" energy agenda that makes no environmental or practical sense. Bad enough our Dalton-come-lately to the issue of climate change, who didn't know the difference between air pollution and greenhouse gases when elected in 2003, now has the gall to dismiss anyone opposed to having industrial wind factories rammed down their throats as NIMBYS.
27 Jun 2010

Province puts environment ahead of wind power

A controversial plan to build wind turbines off the Scarborough shoreline would be blown away under new rules proposed Friday by the provincial government. "Our priority is making sure renewable, clean energy sources are developed in a way that protects the environment," Environment Minister Jon Gerretson said in a press release.
26 Jun 2010

Staff study wind options

Grey County staffers are still investigating drawing up a bylaw that would protect residents from health effects of wind turbines. ...The Arran-Elderslie bylaw aims to trump Ontario's Green Energy Act, which stripped municipalities of any control over where wind farm sites could be built. It states, however, that its intent is not to "prevent or restrict" wind generation, but rather to promote their use "in a responsible manner."
2 Jun 2010

Neighbouring municipalities support Arran Elderslie in turbine fight

Chatsworth mayor Howard Greig agreed with Davis that councils who pass the bylaw, must also be willing to spend money to defend it. "What we're doing is protecting our tax base," Greig said, "and that justifies spending money to defend this bylaw." "The biggest legacy we will leave for future generations is that we kept turbines out of here," Davis added. "We're in a holding pattern now . . . we'll wait and see who else is willing to come on board and we'll meet again in another month."
1 Jun 2010

Residents reject wind turbine finding

An official declaration from Ontario's chief medical officer of health that living next to wind turbines is not dangerous to your health has been rejected by at least a couple of residents in the southwest corner of Norfolk. "If you don't look for something, you're not going to find it," Stephana Johnston said, referring to Dr. Arlene King's report released Thursday.
25 May 2010

Harper's green fund will fall short of promises: review

A major Yukon hydroelectric project that served as the showpiece for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's green stimulus fund will create few jobs and only theoretically cut greenhouse gases, according to new two territorial government reviews. ...Infrastructure Canada has said the deal was based on the promise of increasing the availability of renewable or clean energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But the Yukon Energy Corporation has said the federal funding was not tied to any specific level of reduction. ...The project's job creation potential also appears to be less than advertised.
24 May 2010

Blowing money?

Dexter announced the new energy strategy with much fanfare on April 23 at the province's largest wind farm, on top of Dalhousie Mountain, about 25 kilometres west of New Glasgow. The government said it would legislate that 25 per cent of electricity must come from renewable sources by 2015. And Dexter also announced a goal of 40 per cent of electricity coming from wind, tides, biomass and green imports by 2020.
21 May 2010

Energy minister criticized for comments on wind farm

A P.E.I. cabinet minister is under fire for comments he made about a competition now underway to find a private developer who wants to build a new wind farm in the province. Maritime Electric says it's concerned about recent comments made by Energy Minister Richard Brown while Opposition MLA Mike Currie says Brown breached confidentiality agreements.
14 May 2010
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