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Debate over wind farms blows onto Manitoulin -Farmers hope for windfall

Bud Wilkin's family has farmed the land on Manitoulin Island for five generations. The beef and dairy farmer is hoping the wind that blows over his pastures will bring with it a financial opportunity that will encourage his grandchildren to continue the tradition. ...the development is stirring up controversy among some of the about 2,500 residents of the Town of North Eastern Manitoulin and the Islands. Ray Beaudry is the head of a citizens group that has formed in NEMI to oppose the development.
23 Aug 2009

Gale winds a threat to damaged turbine

The threat of Hurricane Bill has workers at New Brunswick's first commercial wind farm busily attempting to protect the blackened remains of one of its turbines. A major fire damaged one of the 32 turbines at the Kent Hills wind farm on Aug. 8. The burnt-out wind turbine still sits atop its perch in Albert County two weeks after a fire grounded its power generation capabilities.
22 Aug 2009

"Canadian Galapagos" bird sanctuary threatened by proposed wind farm

I wish I could write this story as a travel brochure for this gorgeous North American gem, but if the proposed prop-style wind farm is built here, right in the midst of migratory flyways and breeding grounds, there will be no reason to bring your birding glasses. Or your crab traps. ...Despite industry propaganda, bird mortality from such farms is alarmingly high, and worse, due to the placement of the farms, many of the casualties are endangered or protected species like Golden eagles.
20 Aug 2009

P.E.I wind turbine-maker gets court reprieve to get fiscal house in order

Another victory in the courts for Entegrity Wind System has given the Charlottetown wind turbine-maker another 45 days to get its fiscal house in order. Entegrity went before Supreme Court Justice Wayne Cheverie asking that he allow the company a 45-day extension so it can work with its trustee, Pricewaterhousecoopers, to develop a plan to get the financially troubled company back on its feet.
20 Aug 2009

Financial trouble worries wind company customers

The customers of a P.E.I. wind turbine manufacturer are worried about what financial trouble at the company will mean for them. ...The company avoided an effort by a creditor to be put in receivership earlier this week. Entegrity has sold turbines to wind operations in 70 locations across North America and around the world, and some of those customers are nervous.
20 Aug 2009

Regs may blow up wind farms

The provincial government plans to release more information regarding its proposed changes to wind farms under the Green Energy Act, a plan which has municipal officials wor ried about future development in Elgin county. Ontario's Ministry of the Environment received about 1,000 comments during a 45-day consultation period asking whether wind turbines should be set back a minimum of 550 metres from buildings, with different setbacks for roadways and property lines.
20 Aug 2009

Wind farm NIABYism: Not In Anyone's Back Yard

The placement of wind turbines near homes is an international problem that can in no way be likened to living near a train or an airport. It is not just what you hear but what you don't hear (low frequency vibration) that causes well-documented health problems. It's insidious that way. Also insidious is the quiet creation of the Ontario Green Energy Act -- a piece of legislation that removes all rights of local municipalities to take part in critical planning decisions for their own communities.
19 Aug 2009

Wind turbine debate in New Denmark

While Prowind, on behalf of New Denmark Wind Farm Inc., held an open house earlier this year to outline its proposal for the installation of same in the beautiful hills and valleys of New Denmark, this was a sparsely attended event leaving much of the proposal for an industrial wind turbine array shrouded in secrecy and obfuscation. Indeed, this single event does not constitute "consultation", nor does impromptu visits to opponents of the project by those sponsoring or potentially profiting from it. Ditto unsolicited and anonymous letters to residents of New Denmark in clear opposition to this project disparaging Wendy Todd, the guest speaker from Mars Hill at the June 9 open house.
19 Aug 2009

Province still ready to help Entegrity

Despite a near brush with bankruptcy Monday, the P.E.I. government stands ready to help the wind turbine manufacturer Entegrity Systems. Innovation Minister Allan Campbell told CBC News government is prepared to work with Entegrity Wind Systems to help it survive its current financial problems.
18 Aug 2009

Cash woes won't affect wind farms: company

A Toronto-based company's financial problems won't blow over its plans to erect a wind turbine farm in Prince Edward County, a spokesperson for SkyPower says. The company, Canada's leading developer of renewable energy projects, announced Thursday it filed for restructuring under the terms of the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act.
15 Aug 2009

Canadian Hydro Developers says profits plummet 99 per cent on increased expenses

Takeover target Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. (TSX:KHD) says its net income plummeted 99 per cent during the second quarter due to higher expenses at two Ontario wind farms. Net income for the three months ended June 30 was $23,000, or zero cents per share, down from $2.88 million, or two cents per share, booked in the same 2008 quarter, the Calgary-based company said Friday. The lower earnings were due in part to an increased interest expense at Canadian Hydro's Melancthon II wind farm northwest of Toronto.
15 Aug 2009

Group undertakes study of wind turbines; Two-year probe to look at effects on waterfowl

Long Point Waterfowl is worried that the McGuinty government is flying blind when it comes to the development of wind power. The waterfowl study group has set aside $300,000 for a two-year probe of wind turbines and their potential impact on waterfowl in the lower Great Lakes. Long Point Waterfowl is undertaking the research to address gaps in its understanding.
13 Aug 2009

Wind farm fire called first of its kind

New Brunswick's first commercial wind farm will lose several weeks of electricity output from one of its 32 turbines after a major fire damaged the towering structure on the weekend. The blackened shell of the wind turbine, much of its white coating peeled away, was obscured by fog and clouds at the TransAlta wind farm in Albert County.
13 Aug 2009

Ontario's big windy gamble

Bryne Purchase, a former deputy minister of finance and energy in Ontario, now executive director of the Queen's University Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, says Dalton McGuinty's government seems to be flying by the seat of its pants when it comes to energy. "This has all been driven by relatively simple political thinking: coal bad, wind good," he says. A carbon tax, whatever the form, would have had the advantage of pricing the pollutants out of the market, rather than making wind the default winning technology.
12 Aug 2009

New wind turbine rules not enough for some

The province of P.E.I. has confirmed that it will increase the distance wind turbines must be from homes, but not by as much as some were looking for. The setback distance will now be four times the height of the turbine, as measured from the ground to the top of the blade. For the biggest turbines, the V90s, that would mean increasing the setback to 500 metres. Currently it is 375 metres. Noise was the biggest concern.
12 Aug 2009

Local wind projects to have limited impact on Brockton

An information meeting on proposed wind farms in Formosa and Paisley has eased the concerns of some local councillors about their impact on Brockton. But officials are still unsure about the future of the industry and its impact on the social and economic aspects of rural life, as well as the health of nearby residents.
12 Aug 2009

Lehman-owned SkyPower seeks court protection

SkyPower Corp, a Canadian developer of renewable energy projects owned by bankrupt Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc (LEHMQ.PK), said on Wednesday that it has filed for court protection under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act. SkyPower said it was seeking to quickly sell its assets through a court-approved process and that several potential bidders have expressed interest in a deal.
12 Aug 2009

Millbrook meeting hears of proposed wind farm

Ingo Stuckmann is a director with Energy Farming Ontario, which is in the early stages of determining if a wind farm with 10 turbines could be built. About 85 people attended the open house at Millbrook's Royal Canadian Legion. Stuckmann said the project is still years away from becoming a reality and there are many studies needed, including one for the Ministry of Environment, as well as finding financial support and farmers to lease their land.
11 Aug 2009

Wind Action Group voices concerns

A large group turned out for the heated debate over wind turbines being proposed in Adelaide-Metcalfe. The project which is moving towards construction is now attracting the attention of residents who say they knew nothing about it.
11 Aug 2009
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