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Land rezoning sparks opposition

Municipal District of Pincher Creek held a meeting to decide on whether or not to re-zone parcels of land North of the Oldman River so that more wind farm development could occur in the area. Presently some of the land around the existing wind farms is zoned for agriculture and has to be re-zoned as Wind Farm Industrial in order for the proposed project to proceed.
10 Sep 2009

Turbine opponents urge MoE assessment

A proposal to put 15 wind turbines as close as one kilometre offshore in Lake Erie should require an environmental assessment, Gord Meuser, a spokesman for the group Citizens Against Lake Erie Wind Turbines, said Friday. SouthPoint Wind has completed its environmental screening report but Meuser said the group will be asking that it be bumped up to an environmental assessment with more studies specifically on Lake Erie.
8 Sep 2009

Wind proposal raises ire

The possibility of wind farms is blowing into the city and it's causing a big stir. Energy Farming Ontario Inc. held an open house last month in Pontypool that left one attendee with more questions than answers and a city councillor very frustrated. The meeting was, according to Ward 16 Coun. David Marsh, "despicable, deplorable. It's unbelievable the province endorsed this."
7 Sep 2009

Wind farms will spoil Thousand Islands-Lake Ontario area

The Sept. 1 letter of Claire Jones hits a key point. Ms. Jones apparently is a regular visitor to the Thousand Island area from far away. I too am a regular visitor, and like so many, we cannot believe how some local town officials are seriously prepared to transform the area in a most profound way. Having seen the Maple Ridge Wind Farm many times on my way to the Thousand Islands, I am shocked that efforts are under way to bring such visually dominating infrastructure to the Thousand Islands.
6 Sep 2009

Rural living can be the pits

Before you slap a down payment on your own bucolic corner of heaven, look around you carefully -- because, trust me, there's almost always trouble of some sort brewing in paradise. If it isn't a landfill proposal, it's a gravel pit or a giant hog farm or a communications tower or biosolids being sprayed on the field next door. And now, a new danger: Dalton McGuinty's wind farms are sprouting all over rural Ontario.
6 Sep 2009

Ontario Wind farms HUFF and PUFF and BLOW past environmental assessments

The National Post ran a story today about a group of Manitoulin Island residents who are attempting to take on a Toronto-based energy company, Northland Power Inc. The residents are accusing the company of fast-tracking a wind farm project without proper consultation. What that means for those not up to snuff on their provincial consultations, is that any company building wind farms is required to conduct what the province calls an environmental screening.
4 Sep 2009

Wind farm worries must be addressed, not dismissed

It's really quite easy to dismiss opponents of wind farms as suffering more from the "not-in-my-backyard" (NIMBY) syndrome than any particular health problem. Wind farms are the cleanest form of energy we have, consuming no fuel and emitting no pollution. They are one part of the solution to wean the world off fossil fuels. And they are being built as quickly as the turbines can roll off the assembly lines ...But for the Ontario government to dismiss what appears to be growing concern about potential health problems generated by wind farms is folly.
4 Sep 2009

Windy controversy

Not a single wind farm project proposed in the past four years in Ontario has undergone an independent environmental assessment by the province, figures obtained by The Free Press show. Despite requests from citizens' groups for the assessments, 31 projects have been allowed to go through after a less stringent screening process undertaken by the wind farm proponents themselves.
3 Sep 2009

Development charges tacked on turbines

Large wind turbines have the same impact on infrastructure as single-family homes, concluded officials from a pair of local municipalities. That's why Amaranth and East Garafraxa councils recently implemented a new development charge specific to the renewable power producers. "They are part of the community and there is wear and tear on the community," Amaranth Mayor Don MacIver says of turbines. "Like everything else, when a new development comes into a community ... they a have responsibility to share in those costs."
3 Sep 2009

Drafty reception for wind farm development; Green Energy Act; Northern Ontario residents critical of project

A group of Manitoulin Island residents is taking on a Toronto-based energy company, accusing Northland Power Inc. of fast-tracking a wind farm project without proper consultation. The dispute is the latest sign of a groundswell of unease over wind power projects in the province, fuelled by groups such as Wind Concerns Ontario, which have been highly critical of the effects of such development on local communities. of the project's most vocal opponents, says Northland has essentially "bulldozed" its plan over the community with little opportunity for a meaningful public response.
3 Sep 2009

Residents still hoping for resolution to powerline concerns

Residents along the Locke Road and the western end of the Howlan Road say they are feeling discriminated against by Maritime Electric. Earlier this year the utility installed a power corridor from Howlan to Sherbrooke, staying clear of practically every residential property along the way. Then the utility removed the high voltage line from the right-of-way along the eastern end of the Howlan Road. "They just keep putting us off and putting us off, hoping we'll go away," said Clyde Penney.
31 Aug 2009

Green policies offer fascinating case study in the difference between real PR and fake PR

If you promise something, you should deliver it. And sooner rather than later-especially if you engage in questionable PR tactics to win your case. I have argued in favour of governments financing both wind generation and nuclear generation, but not because both are equally capable of providing zero-carbon electricity. They are plainly not equal: nuclear provides large-scale, cheap, on-demand power; wind provides small-scale, expensive, erratic power. Comparing the two is like comparing a top-level NHL hockey player to a mosquito-level beginner.
28 Aug 2009

Province reviewing Strathroy wind farm

The province has begun reviewing a proposed wind farm that is blowing up controversy near Strathroy. But if the past is any indication, that review won't satisfy opponents who want the province to force the proposal to go under an environmental microscope. Of the 19 projects wind farm opponents sent to the province for review since January, none have been bumped up to a full environmental assessment, according to the Environment Ministry.
28 Aug 2009

Too high a price to pay

‘Wind Power Monthly' (The Editor, September 1998), the magazine for the wind industry and its supporters, actually recognized almost 11 years ago that the reason for the growing unpopularity of wind power is that a de facto heavy industry has tricked its way into unspoiled countryside in "green" disguise. The editor stated that: "Too often the public has felt duped into envisioning fairy tale wind parks in the countryside. The reality has been an abrupt awakening. Wind power stations are no parks."
26 Aug 2009

Hole will get deeper for Entegrity

Financial troubles for Entegrity Wind will increase because dozens of turbines sold by the P.E.I.-based company have to be checked for a possible manufacturing flaw, says the firm's CEO. Last week, a judge gave the company 45 days to come up with a plan for dealing with at least $9 million in debts. ...Company CEO Jim Heath told CBC News last week that a problem with the turbines will dig the company into deeper troubles.
25 Aug 2009

Debate over wind farms blows onto Manitoulin -Farmers hope for windfall

Bud Wilkin's family has farmed the land on Manitoulin Island for five generations. The beef and dairy farmer is hoping the wind that blows over his pastures will bring with it a financial opportunity that will encourage his grandchildren to continue the tradition. ...the development is stirring up controversy among some of the about 2,500 residents of the Town of North Eastern Manitoulin and the Islands. Ray Beaudry is the head of a citizens group that has formed in NEMI to oppose the development.
23 Aug 2009
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