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Lakeshore OK's wind farm; Zoning approval granted over objection of airstrip owner

A $30-million wind turbine project that threatens an airstrip owned by legendary Spitfire fighter pilot Jerry Billing got zoning approval Monday from town council in a 6-2 vote. ...Erik Billing told council that area pilots would be at risk trying to thread their way through some of the 120-metre high turbines just west of the airstrip. ...Essex County's official plan amendment dealing with alternative energy calls for a four-kilometer buffer around airstrips registered with Transport Canada.
10 Feb 2009

Storm damages wind turbine

One of the blades of a Suez Energy North America V-90 wind turbine situated approximately 1,600 feet away, between her house and the Northumberland Strait, was damaged. Pieces were dangling from the blade and other pieces were strewn throughout a field, right up to her back door. ...Sabota reported that blades on two of the three turbines in Suez Renewable Energy North America's Norway wind park sustained some damage.
26 Dec 2008

Cleanup of oil spill is finished

The oil cleanup at Dawson Point near Marysville was finished Friday afternoon, but residents in the area are still not allowed to drink from their wells. ...About 396 gallons of diesel fuel was spilled Wednesday morning during fueling of the Sea Hound, a tugboat operated by Nadro Marine Services Ltd., a contractor based in Port Drove, Ontario. ...The tugboats are used to push barges loaded with supplies and parts from Ogdensburg for Canadian Hydro Developers Inc.'s 86-turbine Wolfe Island Wind Project. So far, 28 wind turbines have arrived.
4 Oct 2008

Oil spill sullies Wolfe Island; Residents advised not to drink water

According to Canadian Renewable Energy Corp., three to four barrels of diesel fuel were spilled around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday. The fuel was being transferred between tanks on Sea Hound, a vessel operated by Nadro Marine Services Ltd., a contractor based in Port Drove, Ontario. Nadro Marine has been transporting wind turbines from Ogdensburg for the 86-turbine Wolfe Island Wind Project. ...Mark O. Mattson, president of the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, an environmental advocacy group based in Toronto, finds the incident ironic. "It's a bit of a shock. The whole purpose of the wind power project was to help the environment," he said.
3 Oct 2008

Wind project ship spills fuel near Wolfe Island

About 10 households on an island near Kingston, Ont., have been told to drink only bottled water after a tugboat spilled about 1,500 litres of fuel near shore. The diesel fuel spilled into Lake Ontario near Wolfe Island around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday from a boat carrying equipment for a controversial wind turbine project. Some residents have fought hard against the project, saying they are concerned about the environmental effects of installing 86 turbines on such a small island.
2 Oct 2008

Chalk one up for NIMBY

Sunday's massive series of explosions at a Toronto propane plant gives credence to every Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) argument posed to this point in time. ...In Barrie, Northern Ethanol's plan to build a plant on the former Molson Brewery site has faced opposition from residents in every part of the city. Opposition to Bob Jackson's plan to built a wind turbine on his Mapleview Drive West Toyota dealership has, conversely, caused mostly local concerns. In both cases, however, opponents fear the worse. ...And everyone is concerned about how it will affect their bottom lines, property values. The point is, the reason people look at worst-case scenarios is that sometimes they happen.
12 Aug 2008

Turbines have safety concerns

The safety of the citizens of Chatham-Kent is being compromised by improper siting of industrial wind turbines. The General Electric wind turbine "Ice shedding and ice throw -- risk and mitigation" manual states that "1.5 x (hub height + rotor diameter) is the formula for calculating a safe distance for turbine siting from roads and public areas." ...The setbacks C-K has in place for industrial wind turbines (50 m from roadways and property boundaries, and 300 metres from homes) are a threat to the public.
8 Jul 2008

Strong gusts slowing wind turbine repairs

High winds are making it difficult to repair wind turbines at East Point in Prince Edward Island. Six of 10 turbines on the site were shut down recently when problems developed in their gearboxes. One turbine has been repaired, but strong winds are making it difficult to work on the other five. The axis of the turbine is about 50 metres above ground, and a special crane had to be transported to the site to assist the work. ..."Once in a while you get a component failure, and we've obviously got six of them. The Vestas company that builds these are a very reliable company."
29 May 2008

Opinion sought on turbine-related health issues

The issue of wind turbines in Chatham-Kent continues to linger. Council put off the issue of setbacks at its May 5 meeting and asked the health unit for more information about the devices. Council has already approved a wind turbine project in the Port Alma area, but is looking to establish a policy in anticipation of future applications for turbines. The municipality has the potential to be host to 250 turbines.
21 May 2008

OPP dismisses pitch for nighttime hauling

Essex OPP Insp. Rick Derus says it's too dangerous and contrary to Ontario Ministry of Transportation regulations to wait until the evening to move the oversized trucks carrying wind turbine parts to Port Alma. ...He was responding to a request initiated Monday by Town of Essex Coun. Randy Voakes, who wants the MTO to authorize shifting the truck movements to the evening, as a way of avoiding daytime traffic jams.
25 Apr 2008

Plan ahead to avoid dangers of going green, groups urge

Going green shouldn't mean getting killed. That's the message two groups are promoting as the province pushes ahead with wind power and the possibility of allowing more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road. Crop dusters say the spread of gigantic wind turbines creates a hazard for pilots, while members of the blind community say hybrid and electric cars make no noise, posing a potentially deadly hazard for blind pedestrians. Groups representing the blind and aerial sprayers have written to the Doer government outlining their concerns.
21 Mar 2008

Exclusion zone around wind farm after gales

An exclusion zone is in place around a Furness wind farm after gale force winds battered Cumbria. Pencil Lane at Marton has been closed off since Monday evening as engineers work to fix a mechanical failure on a turbine at Askam and Ireleth Wind Farm. Power Company E.ON requested that police cordon off the area as a safety precaution before the predicted high winds arrived. Today a spokeswoman for E.ON said: "Because of the weather we are experiencing we have not been able to carry out the work."
12 Mar 2008

Winds too much for turbine

More than traffic signals were twisted and damaged during the frigid snow squall which essentially shut down Sault Ste. Marie late last month. One of the massive turbines at the sprawling Prince Wind Energy Project, immediately northwest of the city limits, was damaged during the Jan. 30 blizzard, which, according to Environment Canada, carried maximum wind gusts of 102 kilometres an hour. An extensive investigation is underway to determine why the turbine sustained a damaged blade and has been inoperable for more than three weeks. ..."We've had turbines shut down in the past because of the wind but not on this scale."
22 Feb 2008

Couple issues wind warning at the mall

A Yarmouth County couple who claim they were driven from their home by one of their neighbours - in this case a giant electricity-generating wind turbine - are now out shopping for support. Daniel d'Entremont and his wife Carolyn spent about nine hours behind an information table they set up in the Yarmouth Mall one day last week in an effort to publicize their plight. ...Wind turbines produce a thumping, pulsating kind of noise that is more audible at night, Dr. Pierpont said in a study dated March 2, 2006. "The noise is louder at night because of the contrast between the still, cool air at ground level and the steady stream of wind at the level of the tur bine hubs," she wrote.
12 Nov 2007

Wind farm debate rages in Cartier RM

Questions and concerns about a proposed wind farm in Rural Municipality of Cartier continue to stall a council vote on a zoning bylaw for the project. ... The bylaw passed first reading by a 5-1 council vote in June. Since then, set back guidelines for erecting the turbines changed from 500 metres from neighbouring property lines to 2,000 metres.
1 Sep 2007

Lightning damage to turbine covered

Instead of generating electricity, one of the turbines in the Erie Shores Wind Farm was crippled by it. A lightning strike bent one of the blades of a turbine on April 26 at 11:30 p.m. The turbine is located south of Nova Scotia Line and west of Port Burwell. David Price of Clean Power Income Fund, which owns the wind farm, said the machines are designed to withstand lightning, but only to a certain extent. "If the lightning hits the machine itself, it's not a problem," he said. "If it hits the blade, it can't withstand that kind of energy."
4 May 2007

Wind technicians keep active at turbines

Whether it happens in the "wee hours" or the middle of the day, if anything goes wrong with a wind turbine, it'll shut itself down immediately and send an alert to a wind technician, says Kevin Carswell, the operations manager at Canadian Hydro Developers Cowley Ridge installation in Alberta.
13 Apr 2006

Wind project grounded

Fears over the safety of pilots using the Pincher Creek Municipal Airport have put the brakes on a wind farm project, approved by the municipal district more than two years ago.
31 Mar 2006
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