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Get ready to pay more for power. A lot more

B.C. consumers will soon pay much more if the province follows the lead of Ontario where power prices are soaring, not just as a result of higher generation or transmission costs. ...Under Ontario's Green Energy Act, a feed-in tariff (FIT) will siphon $3.8 billion from consumers' pockets.
16 Oct 2010

Lights out on PEI's wind power dream

The problem with wind power, as with most alternatives to carbon fuels, is that it is impractical on a large scale. Oh, sure, supporters of wind energy can cite locations where turbines and breezes are powering 1,000, 10,000, 50,000 homes. But the landscape from sea-to-sea would have to be blighted by forests of 80-metre tall skyscraper windmills to come close to meeting the residential energy needs of Canadians.
15 Oct 2010

Candidates air thoughts on wind farms during debate

Glazier said the feelings are strong on both sides of the arguments with conflicting stories coming from both proponents and opponents. He agrees with council's recent decision to join 70 other Ontario municipalities in calling on the province to put a moratorium on wind farms until more research is done.
12 Oct 2010

Why PEI's wind plan is dying

While PEI tried to attract private developers to the province, several of their proposals demanded higher power prices than the province was willing to pay. The government and its utility rejected the offers because they would have driven up electricity prices, which are already the highest in Canada.
11 Oct 2010

Power failure

Going back to 2003, based on numbers dug up by consultant Tom Adams, the price of residential electricity in Ontario hovered around 8.5¢ a kWh in 2003 - the first year of the McGuinty Liberal regime. By 2015, Aegent Energy estimates the price will be up to 21¢, an increase of 135%. Doubling the price of electricity in a decade is no way to spur growth and investment.
8 Oct 2010

Wind turbines unlikely to save planet

In a perfect world, we shouldn't demur at the cost, but countries like Britain, well ahead of us in wind energy, are now having to face the stark reality of "fuel poverty" - the cost of fuel exceeding one's ability to pay. So, if wind energy is going to be expensive and inefficient, we'd like to know before we open our hydro bill. Adding insult to injury, is the fact the net effect of wind turbines on global warming is insignificant.
2 Oct 2010

Wind turbines not welcome on Lake Superior

The cost is phenomenal and since many platform and mooring solutions have yet to be discovered, the price will climb. Then there's the maintenance. Are there experts ready to tackle the problems? And what will the repairmen charge? With Ontario's gargantuan deficit, we better hope they work for free.
20 Sep 2010

Green energy has Japan seeing red

A new law blamed for soaring hydro rates in Ontario is causing consternation abroad, as Japanese officials announced Monday they are launching a trade challenge of the controversial Green Energy Act. The Japanese say the law unfairly shuts them out of the market because it includes rigid domestic content rules.
14 Sep 2010

Green rule draws flak

As investment in Ontario's alternative-energy sector continues apace, legal experts are warning the provincial government may be violating international trade agreements with its local-content requirements.
14 Sep 2010

A cloud forms on the horizon of Ontario's green energy future

The real test for Ontarians will come in 2011, when there is the possibility of a double digit increase in residential electricity bills. Some argue Green Energy production and the infrastructure costs associated with it will constitute 50 percent of that increase. The question is - will the general commitment to renewable energy survive a direct hit to ratepayer's pocketbooks?
10 Sep 2010

Injunction granted, then lifted against wind farm

An ex parte order issued by the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon on Aug. 25 granted David McKinnon an interim injunction preventing further construction on the Red Lily Wind Energy Project. The defendants in the case—the Red Lily Power Limited Partnership, the Red Lily Wind Energy Corp. and the RMs of Martin and Moosomin—were not informed that McKinnon would be seeking an in junction.
6 Sep 2010

An ill wind on Lake Erie

But Mr. McGuinty's answer to the editorial board epitomized one of the biggest flaws in his party's plans to attract wind energy development. Conceived in haste, with the aim of creating jobs and power as quickly as possible, the Liberal strategy was written too broadly to fully distinguish between good projects and bad ones. In Point Pelee, a solution has come too late to avoid generating an avoidable degree of angst about green energy in general.
6 Sep 2010

Those political winds keep blowing

What Ontario has actually done is commit a lot of your money to create wind energy that we don't need. ...Wind is so unimportant that you could pull the plug on every wind farm in Ontario and it wouldn't make a bit of difference. On a good day, wind produces about one per cent of Ontario's power. When all the McGuinty wind turbines are finally installed, the number might get to five per cent.
4 Sep 2010

Public Interest Extends Wind Power Deadline

The deadline has been extended to September 7 for the public to comment on a government document that could begin to lay the framework to introduce off-shore wind power development off of Point Clark, Kincardine, Port Elgin and up the west coast of the Bruce Peninsula and east coast of Georgian Bay.
25 Aug 2010

Hydro prices ‘going up like a rocket'

"You are going to get screwed, and it's going to be painful," said Tom Adams, a Toronto-based consultant and a former executive director of Energy Probe. "We're talking about hundreds of dollars a year out of your pocketbook that didn't need to happen." Much of the blame for the rise in electricity rates is due to Ontario's Green Energy Act, which promotes the use of solar, wind and other alternative power sources.
22 Aug 2010

As Quebec bathes in electricity, money goes down the drain

Quebec's government says it must promote regional development and at the same time prepare for the future, when the economy sparks up again and others are searching for cheap, green energy. ...The main consumers' group considers it variously scandalous or politically expedient - but more than anything an affront to Quebecers' pocketbooks.
20 Aug 2010

Why wind power is more complicated than people imagine

Ontario was drinking power at a rate of more than 25,000 megawatts -- that's 25 billion watts -- in the late afternoon. Not a record, but far more than most summer days. Our nuclear reactors were pumping out more than 9,200 megawatts. Hydroelectric power (mainly Niagara Falls) supplied another 3,400. We burned gas and coal to generate another 10,200. But wind power, one of the ways of the future, supplied just 107 megawatts of electricity.
8 Aug 2010
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