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California firm joins Molokai wind project

First Wind missed the deadline, citing its inability to secure land for the wind proj­ect. First Wind, which is not an official party in the case before the PUC, asked HECO to petition the commission for a deadline extension on its behalf. When HECO declined, First Wind appealed directly to the PUC.
4 Apr 2011

Sand Canyon wind project draws crowd

"We want to know what your concerns are in this very early stage of design," Smith said. "We don't want it," canyon resident Steve Steele said. "Put one in your backyard first and then you can put one in mine." ...Residents expressed concerns including access, safety, wildfire potential, noise, and impact on the environment and wildlife as well as their property values.
23 Feb 2011

Cape Cod Commission hearing on turbine regs continued to Feb. 3

The larger change is the addition of a minimum required setback for noise mitigation. Turbines with a maximum generation capacity equal to or greater than one megawatt would be required to maintain a 3,000-foot minimum setback from the nearest receptor (person living within visual or audible range) or residential parcel. The exception: if the noise study shows to the Commission’s satisfaction minimal noise impacts to residents, the CCC may approve a reduced setback.
28 Jan 2011

Wind farm project approved; residents unhappy

The first wind project in the works for Imperial Valley took a step forward last week, though some residents were not happy with a county commission's decision. The Airport Land Use Commission found the Ocotillo Express wind project to be consistent with the county's airport compatibility plan Wednesday, said commission chairman Larry Allen. It was a unanimous vote.
23 Jan 2011

Getting Some Blowback

Permits for the three-year test project were routinely issued by the Marin County Deputy Zoning Administrator on Aug. 26. And a gale of protest promptly erupted. A group of nine people, including leaders of the Marin Audubon Society, the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin and the Marin Conservation League, quickly appealed to the Marin County Planning Commission to rescind the permits.
5 Jan 2011

Officials OK moratorium on wind turbines for homes, businesses

The Indian Wells City Council has unanimously approved an urgency ordinance that establishes a moratorium on roof-mounted wind turbines for homes and businesses. The moratorium is expected to allow time for city staff to research federal and state laws and find out if there are any issues for the city, such as health and environmental risks.
23 Dec 2010

Wind turbines to be upgraded in Altamont Pass

Thousands of decades-old wind turbines in Altamont Pass will be replaced with new ones that produce more power and kill fewer migratory birds . ...Under terms of the settlement, 2,400 turbines on the hills of the Altamont Pass operated by NextEra will be replaced in the next four years or shut down completely by Nov. 1, 2015.
6 Dec 2010

Scoping meeting held regarding wind farm

Victoria Brandon of the Sierra Club Lake Group said some of the problems with the project are impacts to bats, birds and rare plants along with grading of the road on serpentine soil. "It's almost a wild area," Brandon said. "If you turn it into an industrial site it could permanently change the character."
11 Sep 2010

No spin: Windmills fail

Is wind power a viable alternative to low-cost fossil fuels? Consider this: relying on windmills to reduce greenhouse gas emissions not only is expensive and ironically harmful to the environment, it won't accomplish its main goal. ...The inefficient "cycling" of generators made to run continuously creates more emissions than running constantly.
26 Aug 2010

Can huge Mojave wind farm boost faltering wind power industry?

Wind-energy optimism blowing in southern California belies an uncharacteristically weak and bleak short-term outlook for US wind power. Despite a banner year in 2009, the wind-energy industry now faces a nasty triple threat: sagging power demand, falling electricity prices, and low natural gas prices. What those three add up to is suddenly weak demand for wind power.
6 Aug 2010

Credit crunch sends SDG&E into wind business

After financing problems delayed a Montana wind farm that San Diego Gas & Electric needs to meet state green-energy goals, the utility decided to step in a big way — it is planning to spend $600 million to finance the massive project along the Canadian border.
20 Jul 2010
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