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Climate bill puts governor on hot seat

SACRAMENTO - An ambitious proposal that would make California a leader in the fight against global warming has emerged as one of the most hotly contested measures in the Legislature this year, and a key environmental test for Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bid for a second term. Supporters of the legislation, which would mandate reducing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide by 25 percent by the year 2020, say it could spur a wave of clean-energy technologies and create a nationwide model for combating climate change. Business groups have waged a lobbying campaign against it, arguing it would boost energy costs and make the state less hospitable to companies.
27 Aug 2006

Why the Lights Go Out in California

The state's electricity transmission and distribution system is antiquated and dilapidated. A recent Department of Energy study cited Southern California as one of two U.S. regions (New York is the other) facing critical shortages of power lines. Grid under-capacity in the Bay Area is severe. A member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission called the transmission bottleneck between Northern and Southern California "the worst electric supply situation in the entire country."
21 Aug 2006

California's new power diet plan - The Golden State has lessons to share with Ontario on how to avert an energy crisis

Arthur Rosenfeld speaks with the conviction of a man who has seen the incandescent light. As head of the California Energy Commission, he takes a decidedly low-watt approach toward energy savings, espousing staid but effective building codes, appliance standards, and utility-run energy efficiency programs that reward consumers for shopping green.
24 Mar 2006
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