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County planner vote to deny industial wind turbines on private lands for Tule Wind

San Diego's planners are not willing to allow the health of residents or the rural character of East County to be sacrificed in order to accommodate wind energy developers. The victory for rural residents may be short-lived, however, since the San Diego Board of Supervisors ultimately has the final say on whether industrial wind facilities will be allowed on county-controlled lands.
9 Jun 2012

Suit filed to halt Ocotillo wind as coalition holds protests in San Diego and El Centro

At a press conference yesterday outside the gleaming corporate towers occupied by Pattern Energy in La Jolla, a coalition of environmental groups, Native American tribes and outraged citizens urged President Barack Obama to stop fast-tracking of massive energy projects on public lands and halt construction at the Ocotillo Express wind facility immediately.
17 May 2012

Early wind turbines riled Coachella Valley residents

The federal government started pushing alternative energy development with aggressive incentives, and wind turbines suddenly became one heck of a great tax shelter. "We started out selling a small wind turbine to consumers for $98,000" said Coulter. "The consumer got a huge tax write-off, about two-thirds in tax savings," he recalled. "In one month, we built an entire wind farm - 72 machines."
13 May 2012

Broken promises: Ocotillo wind project wins approval despite outcry from tribes, residents and environmentalists

Helena Quintana Arrow-weed of the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation, decried the Supervisors' action as "one horrible, terrible, very bad day for everyone." In an e-mail forwarded to ECM, she stated that Quechan tribal council members planned to meet today with Viejas Chairman Anthony Pico and other tribal representatives to strategize.
26 Apr 2012

SCE sued by wind companies

Southern California Edison Co., Eagle Energy LLC, GIJ LLC, Real estate developer Kent Hoggan, Jeffrey Hoggan, businessman David Pitcher and his wife, Heather Kann are being sued for their alleged roles in a failed multimillion-dollar wind turbine project near Tehachapi.
10 Apr 2012

Regulators OK contract for Baja wind farm

Several hurdles remain for the wind farm, including presidential approval for a cross-border tie-in line and construction of a substation to access U.S. transmission lines. The project is the first stage of more extensive plans by Sempra to install turbines along a hundred-mile stretch of windswept highlands atop the Sierra Juárez in Baja California.
23 Mar 2012

SDG&E wind-farm project up for vote this week

At $106.50 per megawatt hour, Energia Sierra Juarez would charge more than double the price of the most cost-efficient wind farms in the United States. Those are located in the Texas and the Midwest, according to Mark Bolinger, a research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
20 Mar 2012

Solyndra abandons efforts to go clean and green; Environmental mess left at plant

At a bankruptcy hearing Wednesday, Ms. Bifferato said the landlord is worried that it will be stuck with "a big mess with potential environmental problems," including Environmental Protection Agency violations. While Solyndra is paying to clean up its own property in Fremont in hopes of selling it, the company isn't setting aside enough money to clean up the leased property.
23 Feb 2012

The question: Turbine or not turbine?

The decision, which was made unanimously by the five-member board, could result in the end of one proposed project and a massive redesign of another as county officials said the ruling shows the supervisors are concerned about dangers the tall structures pose. "We definitely had an issue with 198-foot-tall 'met' towers," said Edel Vizcarra.
25 Jan 2012

Residents defeat wind project

"Power to the people," said Young. "We won. The people spoke up, (and) the town of Tehachapi and the county, they heard us." The project, proposed by Helo Energy, LLC, would have added up to 17 wind turbines on about 300 acres in the canyon.
20 Dec 2011
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