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The people our governor wants to "crush"

Standing on a former mountaintop blasted away to build the new Suncrest Substation, Governor Jerry Brown yesterday praised completion of the 117-mile Sunrise Powerlink high voltage lines-and denigrated 79,000 citizens who have fought against destroying our communities and scenic vistas. "You have to crush the opposition," the Governor said forcefully.
27 Jul 2012

Quechan Tribe sues to halt construction of wind factory on sacred land

The tribe was so doubtful about the Pattern Energy survey of the site's cultural resources that it sent in its own experts with trained forensic dogs who did a quick and cursory survey and found an additional six burial/cremation sites, for a total of 12 cremation sites in this particular area, Escalanti says. The tribe still practices the sacred rite of cremation, as their tribal ancestors did before them, according to court documents. Escalanti says the tribe has asked to meet with the decision-makers.
23 Jun 2012

Wind farm thrusts remote desert town into future

In May, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar signed a right-of-way grant, bringing to a close three years of impact studies for a power plant that will stretch across about 10,000 acres, forming a crescent around the town. Local conservationists and an Arizona-based tribe that traces its ancestry to the area have turned to state and federal courts to stop the project.
12 Jun 2012

Ocotillo Express Wind Facility opposition grows

"The Quechan Tribe has been holding a vigil for the last five days on the site of the Ocotillo Wind project near some recently discovered cremation areas," Terry Weiner, Desert Protective Council's coordinator for Imperial County projects and conservation, told Indian Country Today Media Network on May 30. "There has been singing and telling of the creation story and just being together in this beautiful desert."
6 Jun 2012

Judge denies temporary restraining order for Ocotillo Express wind project

Quechan contends the project will cause irreparable harm to hundreds of cites including burial and cremation sites, as well as tens of thousands of artifacts. Forensic dog teams hired by tribes last week found six new cremation sites. Tribal members, who in modern times have continued to use the site for ceremonial purposes, also sought to protect views of mountains sacred in their religious beliefs of creation.
25 May 2012

Ocotillo wind project advances despite tribal objections

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar signed off on the project's Environmental Impact Statement over the objection of Native American tribal officials who remain concerned about the aesthetic impact of the project on ancestral lands and the potential for disturbing cultural and archaeological artifacts, including possible cremation sites.
12 May 2012

Whistleblower alleges gag order kept state park employees from revealing harm to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park from proposed Ocotillo Express Wind Project

"To have the Governor's office tell our park officials NOT to comment on Ocotillo, OR ANY OTHER alternative energy projects adjacent to the Park, is a travesty, a violation of the trust between the citizens and the state." - Mark Jorgensen, retired Superintendent, Anza Borrego Desert State Park in an e-mail to ECM.
27 Mar 2012

Tribes fight green energy wind project in desert

"Without listening to us, without recording what we have to say, without putting those in the environmental impact study, the archeological study, they're not understanding where we're coming from," Pico said. The chairman said Ocotillo wind's designation as a BLM priority project has led to a "fast track" process that has restricted public participation and consultation with affected parties.
19 Mar 2012

NIMBY, and proud of it

The Schatz Center's professors simply overlooked these issues in their op-ed article. They painted a positive green picture for the county to see, leaving out the perils and sacrifices Ferndale must now consider. Apparently, in their exuberant interest in Shell Wind, the Schatz energy practitioners think that industrializing the gateway to the priceless Lost Coast is acceptable -- at any cost.
24 Jan 2012

A Big Wind: Shell Oil blows into Ferndale, Calif.

NIMBYism is the default invective hurled these days when anyone raises valid questions about what's being sold, but name-calling and threatened boycotts are cheap shots when the stakes are so high. After all, just how GREEN is this technology really? Who amongst us is sufficiently schooled on the true efficiency and safety of giant wind turbines? I've seen them stretched across dry, treeless land abutting freeways and thought, "now there's a good use of unpopulated, barren landscape," but frankly, I don't know much about them.
20 Sep 2011

150 hear about NextEra wind farm at Lakes town council

The energy developers and their lobbyists have a headstart on the people who merely grew up in these hills and live their lives under these wide skies. But the residents are quick studies. They are coming to council meetings like this well-prepared with questions, and their love for this land is evident. ..."Utility-scale energy farms should be built on already- disturbed fallow farmland, not in existing wildlife habitat."
16 Apr 2011
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