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Region’s wind future up in air as Acciona exits

Acciona, which faces a struggling economy at home in Europe, was the first company to attempt a major wind project in the region. And it may also be the last, experts said. Tough permitting processes, high land prices, a delicate coastal ecology and lack of high-voltage power infrastructure all make the Tri-Counties an unlikely home for big wind farms.
2 Aug 2013

Desert Storm: Battle brews over Obama renewable energy plan

"We need a new model for the way public lands are managed that recognizes we can't keep trying to divide the pie up between exploitation and preservation." ...The move to increase solar permits "just shows the utter blindness that there is in the administration," said Blaeloch, of the Western Lands Project. "The 'all-of-the-above' approach-what kind of thing is that to say about what our energy policy is?" she said. "Let's be a little more discerning."
24 Jul 2013

Some local residents are against the wind

"This wind project is undesirable in so many ways and a great way to destroy our beautiful desert," said Betty Munson, a retiree who moved to Johnson Valley, east of Lucerne Valley, in 2000. "We're trying to get State Route 247 designated as a scenic highway, but those turbines will run parallel to the road and that will ruin the scenery for sure."
21 Jul 2013

Acciona blows out of the energy picture

Perhaps we should begin with the fact that Acciona is a Spanish company. Spanish policies were fashioned to sustain the unsustainable. They tried to simultaneously create jobs, ignore increasing power-generation costs, and cover up failed policies by dolling out subsidies as if money was like wind and sunshine - free! Sound familiar? We have people here who want to lead us down the same path Spain has traveled.
18 Jul 2013

Wind turbine project expands in Mojave; first in state to be authorized of ‘take' of a California Condor

Over the 30 year life of the Project, 'Project activities are reasonably likely to result in the death of no more than one condor as a result of being struck by a turbine blade.' If a condor is struck by a turbine blade, according to the BLM, "the BLM will require Alta Windpower to cease day-time operations and implement additional measures to ensure that the project does not pose any further threat to condors."
13 Jul 2013

Anger over plans for energy plants on public lands

Rivaling the Sahara Desert in solar intensity, California's Mojave Desert is again attracting plans for industrial-scale solar and wind projects on pristine public land near Death Valley National Park and the Mojave National Preserve, two of the largest parks in the Lower 48 states. "It's just inappropriate to plunk down this giant industrial zone at that location."
10 Jul 2013

Group questions Ocotillo wind resources

William Pate, a San Diego resident who owns a home here, said organized residents hope to file suit against Pattern Energy through the so-called False Claims Act, which in part imposes liability on persons or companies that mislead the government to acquire property, money or a project approval.
6 Jul 2013

Plug pulled on Lompoc Wind Farm

Acciona Energy has announced it will not build the Lompoc Wind Farm. ...the company said "it will not move forward with the development of the Lompoc Wind Farm." The announcement came just seven weeks after the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission granted the company a time extension for its permits.
6 Jul 2013

BLM advances major Wyo.-to-Nev. project as Obama admin pushes renewable energy

BLM's preferred alternative would take the line across the agency-managed Sunrise Mountain Instant Study Area east of Las Vegas. The 10,240-acre ISA is a popular hiking destination and includes Gypsum Cave, which BLM says holds some of the earliest evidence of human inhabitance in the western United States. Running the line though Sunrise Mountain "may entail congressional legislation modifying the designation," according to the draft EIS.
3 Jul 2013

Wind-energy dispute heads to court

"Basically our community is being turned into an industrial energy zone, unwillingly," Tisdale said. "The county and the feds have not done their due diligence about what happens to people when they allow these things too close to homes and sensitive wildlife areas."
21 Jun 2013

County Supervisors sued for wind turbine-friendly approach

Tisdale and her fellow plaintiffs say many landowners in rural San Diego County have come under pressure to sell or lease portions of their land to developers. The decision by county supervisors to tailor the County's General Plan and zoning ordinance by blowing up the restrictions on wind farms and individual wind turbines, only makes matters worse.
19 Jun 2013

San Diego County Supervisors sued over flawed Wind Energy Ordinance

San Diego County Supervisors are being sued over their May 15th approval of the technically and legally flawed Wind Energy Ordinance & Plan Amendment-that benefits wealthy industrial wind and solar developers, San Diego Gas & Electric, Sempra, and absentee land-owners at the expense of rural east county residents and valued resources.
18 Jun 2013

California's Cap-and-Tax Grab

In short, California Democrats are proving that the real point of cap and trade is to give politicians another revenue stream for income redistribution while dodging accountability for raising taxes. That's worth keeping in mind when liberals resurrect the scheme for the entire U.S.
18 Jun 2013

Infigen and Gamesa end years-long legal battle over wind turbines

The long-lasting legal disputes related to five U.S. wind farms in which Infigen holds interest, particularly California's Kumeyaay Wind Farm. Following a December 2009 storm, Infigen claimed Gamesa was liable to pay over $30 million for site repairs and replacement of all 75 wind turbines at Kumeyaay. Gamesa, meanwhile, maintained that Kumeyaay Wind LLC should bear the costs.
17 Jun 2013

CA wind facilities want permits that will allow them to harm eagles

The existence of the permit applications was revealed by FOIA requests by Oklahoma journalist Louise Red Corn, and shared Thursday in a web-based seminar held by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC). The 102.5-megawatt Shiloh IV Wind project applied for its take permit in March 2012, and the other three projects have applied in the last six months.
13 Jun 2013
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