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NaturEner denies fraud claim

Spanish developer NaturEner is denying fraud allegations by California offtaker San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) in a legal dispute over the 189MW Rim Rock wind farm in Montana. The utility claims NaturEner fraudulently concealed that the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) recommended the developer get an eagle take permit for the project.
1 Apr 2014

Hueso asks FAA to grant relief to Ocotillo residents from wind turbine lights, approve radar-activated lighting

State Senator Ben Hueso has taken heed of his constituents’ complaints about flashing red lights on wind turbines shining into people’s homes at night.  In a February 10, 2014 letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Hueso wrote that flashing red lights on over 100 turbines, each taller than a 40 story building, are harmful to the health of Ocotillo residents.
30 Mar 2014

Two lawsuits over local wind energy issues head to court

Opponents of  the Tule Wind project in McCain Valley will have their day in court on Monday, March 3 in San Diego’s U.S. District Court. Then on April 25, a separate suit against the County over its wind energy ordinance and general plan amendment will also be heard.The suits were filed by the Protect Our Communities Foundation and Donna Tisdale.
28 Feb 2014

Scorched Gamesa turbine dismantled

Kumeyaaysmokingturbine12-16-13_thumb Infigen takes down their scorched Kumeyaay Wind turbine following a December 16, 2013 fire which sparked a brush fire on the land leased from the Campo tribe. The 25 Gamesa 1.5 MW turbines were first installed in late 2005 and suffered a still unexplained catastrophic failure during a storm in December 2009 which resulted in all 75 blades and generators being replaced in early 2010. An Infigen v Gamesa lawsuit was settled last year. The Gamesa turbine that burst into flames in December was about 4 years old. These photos show the burning turbine and its dismantling. Note the proximity of homes.
25 Feb 2014

California opens world's largest solar power farm - as evidence emerges that it leaves birds who fly over 'scorched'

The system produces power by reflecting line from more than 300,000 giant mirrors onto three water towers. The sunlight hitting the towers can create temperatures of up to 1,000F (530C), producing steam which then drives generator turbines. Yet this process also creates an extremely hot “thermal flux” around the tower. ...birds found on the site in November last year were likely killed by “scorching”.
16 Feb 2014

State Report: Only a handful of golden eagle nests remain in San Diego County

A state inventory of California’ rarest animals, birds and plants reveals that Golden Eagle populations have suffered a precipitous decline statewide, including here in San Diego County.  Statewide, only 141 element occurrences (eagle nests and foraging habitat) are listed in all of California. Locally, the inventory lists just 14 “occurrences” countywide—with only one (probably abandoned) nest remaining in East County.
16 Feb 2014

The $2.2 Billion Bird-Scorching Solar Project Produces Heat and Electricity—And Kills Wildlife

BrightSource wants to build a second tower-based solar farm in California's Riverside County, east of Palm Springs. But the state Energy Commission in December proposed that the company instead use more conventional technologies, such as solar panels or mirrored troughs. One reason: the BrightSource system appears to be scorching birds that fly through the intense heat surrounding the towers, which can reach 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
12 Feb 2014

Firm seeks to harness Wyoming's wind energy for California

Wyoming residents enjoy the cheapest electricity prices in the nation, thanks to low-cost power from coal-fired plants near vast surface mines in the Powder River Basin. California, which has all but phased out coal power and has the nation's most aggressive renewable energy laws, has close to the highest prices, according to U.S. Energy Department data.
8 Feb 2014

Fewer than 500 golden eagles remain in California

This history of golden eagle nesting failures located near wind turbines in CA is never clearly stated, but the evidence is there for anyone that wishes to read about it. Some of this impact is revealed in the last Environmental Impact documents submitted for the expansion of the Shiloh wind turbines project in California's Montezuma Hills Wind Resource Area.
18 Jan 2014

After a building boom, solar energy's prospects now aren't as sunny

"Nobody's going to break ground on any big new solar projects right now — utilities want to see how farms coming online this year fit into the grid, and developers are waiting for more certainty about state policies and federal tax credits." Utilities had been willing to pay more because many states require them to derive a significant percentage of their power from renewables, but now utilities are on track to meet those requirements, giving them less incentive to buy higher-priced solar energy.
11 Jan 2014

Bureau of Indian Affairs approves Tule Wind farm lease

“The BIA’s decision is reckless and shows outrageous disregard for the high fire risk we all face in San Diego County,” said Donna Tisdale, POC’s Secretary. “The fire district that Iberdrola contracted has no air tankers or helicopters of its own, but must hope and pray that mutual aid fire agencies can spare them.”
31 Dec 2013

Hawk Watch program cancelled in Ramona for 2014

“We support the Justice Department’s vigilance in prosecuting Bittner for his serious transgressions and unlawful behavior,” said Tisdale, who has long contended that there are eagles in areas slated for wind turbines, where Bittner claims there are none. ““When unethical and basically corrupt experts like Bittner side with industry over avian protection,” Tisdale concluded, “our beautiful birds literally get clobbered with the blunt end of the turbine blade.”
30 Dec 2013

Officials call for broader, updated look at safeguarding Altamont raptors

If the 40 turbines in the first phase turn out not to yield important reductions in bird deaths, especially for golden eagles, the county should reduce the numbers of turbines allowed for Ogin in the remainder of the Altamont. He suggested an 80 percent reduction from the 320 or so old turbines, instead of the approximately 1:1 ratio now in the wings for Sand Hill.
27 Dec 2013
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