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Crookwell III Wind Farm refused development consent

"The community raised a number of significant concerns about the visual impacts of the project on surrounding residences and the cumulative effect of wind farm projects with residences potentially able to view wind turbines in multiple viewing sectors," the Commission noted. "The community expressed concern that wind farm projects will transform the landscape from an attractive rural landscape towards an industrial landscape dominated by wind turbines."
25 Oct 2019

Crusader Brown turns against wind farm

He said the public had not been properly informed of the private deals, or public impacts or cost-benefit analyses (economic, social, cultural and environmental) of what would be one of the biggest wind farm projects on Earth. He said details of the arrangements between the Hammond family, which farmed wagyu beef and owned the land, and developer UPC Renewables were not known. “Tasmanians have a right to know much more about the Robbins Island development,” Dr Brown said. “It is a huge resource extraction venture which will be lighting up no Tasmanian homes.”
15 Jul 2019

Heavenly view threatened by winds of change

Meridian Energy, the state-owned energy company, wants to build a wind farm in front of our vineyard, atop a beautiful range known for centuries as Nga Waka a Kupe - the canoes of Kupe. ...But this won't just affect our front yard. With 45 turbines twice as high as the Auckland Harbour Bridge, and blades twice as large as the Westpac Stadium, sited 8km from the town square, this could be the end of Martinborough as we know and love it. The tourism industry our economy depends on - wine festivals, outdoor concerts, homestays, weddings, cycling - will they continue with noise from these turbines?
1 Nov 2009

Turbine 'tipping point' claim rejected

The man who says Palmerston North is on the verge of saturation point from wind turbines has come under fire for his methodology. The Turitea Wind Farm board of inquiry hearing resumed yesterday, and after giving evidence earlier in the proceedings, social impact assessment specialist James Baines returned to the witness stand. The board is tasked with deciding if the 121-turbine wind farm should go ahead.
12 Aug 2009

Cumulative visual impact evidence

The man whose research drew attention to public unease about more wind farm development in Manawatu says he is not surprised his work has attracted stinging attacks. Social impact assessment specialist James Baines said a contentious issue raised by his research cumulative visual effects was always going to attract attention. According to Mr Baines' research, public support for wind farms in Manawatu remained strong, but that support was at a "tipping point".
1 Aug 2009

Council says no to Rockefeller wind turbines in Hobart

Tasmania prides itself on being clean and green, but controversy is never too far away. A plan to create clean power by building wind turbines on a Hobart office block has been knocked back by the local council. In a fiery meeting last night, Hobart City aldermen said the installation of wind turbines would block the view of Mount Wellington and could even pose a risk to sky divers.
28 Jul 2009

Mill Creek wind farm decision released

Planning commissioners have given approval for the construction of Meridian Energy's Mill Creek wind farm west of Wellington - but with 29 wind turbines instead of the 31 proposed by Meridian. The visual impact of two of the 111-metre tall turbines, at the southern end of the site, on nearby farms and properties was the principal reason why the commissioners turned them down. The 200-page decision report by independent commissioners David Hill (Chair), David McMahon and Pamela Peters has been released today.
18 Feb 2009

CODC witness stands by view wind farms' effects adverse

Commenting on the map, which was produced by a witness last week, Mr Whitney maintained it showed significant adverse cumulative effects would result from the Mahinerangi and Project Hayes developments. He considered the adverse effect Project Hayes would have, regardless of other wind farms being built, as being at the upper end of the scale.
31 Jan 2009

'Turbinisation' of range rejected; Rural character will remain: expert

Plans for 276 large wind turbines in Central Otago would not "turbinise" the Lammermoor Range in Central Otago, a Meridian expert said. Landscape expert Peter Rough said while the landscape would be changed by wind turbines, its rural character would remain. "It's still fundamentally a rural landscape with an element of energy product," he said in the Environment Court in Queenstown yesterday.
24 Jan 2009

Wind turbine ban for Battle Hill

The council has moved to ban turbines from Battle Hill Regional Park near Pauatahanui, park land that was once part of a major wind farm proposal. The rule change which is included in a revised draft of the park's management plan comes just five months after the council revoked permission for RES New Zealand to build three turbines in the park as part of a larger wind farm project.
23 Jan 2009
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