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Wind-farm ruling sets impractical test: counsel

The Environment Court decision on the Project Hayes wind farm had set a new test for any major project, one that was unprecedented, impractical and perverse, Meridian Energy counsel Hugh Rennie told the appeal hearing in the High Court at Dunedin yesterday. That decision required applicants to provide an assessment, including a cost-benefit analysis, of any alternative proposals.
22 Jun 2010

The mud from the Makara wind turbines; and the pollution of Porirua Harbour

Photographs taken at Meridian's West Wind project above the Makara coastline show how sediment has been overflowing from the construction site. The photos were taken by marine environmentalist Jim Mikoz, who wrote an article in the NZ Fishing Coast to Coast magazine with the headline: The dirt behind wind turbines.. your fishing is at serious risk. In response to the article, Meridian wrote a letter to the editor stating that there would be no mud runoff into the sea from its construction site.
25 Mar 2009

Meridian's wind farm site analysis 'woeful'

Scientific consultant Brian Patrick, of Alexandra, gave evidence on the proposal as a witness for appellant Ewan Carr. His evidence included planned mitigation measures and whether they were appropriate. During cross-examination, Mr Patrick said Meridian's plan to store spoil, including soil taken from the site during construction, in various disposal sites on the proposed 92sq km property would unnecessarily threaten indigenous flora and fauna of the Lammermoor Range.
17 Feb 2009

Wind farm mitigation measures questioned

Planned erosion and sediment spill mitigation for the proposed $2 billion Project Hayes wind farm was questioned during an Environment Court appeal hearing for the development yesterday. Technical director Graham Levy, of Christchurch, gave evidence as a witness called by the Otago Regional Council. ...When cross-examined by Upland Landscape Protection Society counsel Ewan Carr, Mr Levy admitted he did not have experience of earthworks and potential mitigation of such works at a site of the Project Hayes development's elevation.
9 Feb 2009

Turitea wind farm threat to city

A wind farm in the Turitea Reserve could ruin the city water supply. Erosion could be a problem that would be difficult to overcome, a Massey University geography professor says. The $1 million a year the Palmerston North City Council is hoping to get for its wind farm might not be enough to pay for the damage it does, John Flenley says. The problem is the removal of vegetation – native bush or scrub, whatever – to install the turbines themselves, as well as the road construction needed to the site. And it could take 100 years for all that vegetation to grow back.
22 Sep 2006
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