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What you can't hear can hurt you

Rand's testimony shows that, when it comes to wind turbines, what you can't hear can hurt you. It puts the spotlight on whether governments and the wind industry are hiding behind the reality that you won't find what you don't look for. It is difficult to reconcile Rand's experience with confidential briefings reportedly given by NSW Health to politicians who claim health impacts from wind turbines are "not scientifically valid".
24 Jan 2012

SA Libs back wind farm developments but promise to protect landowners

State Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond said a future Liberal government would ban new wind turbines being located within two kilometres of existing homes. She said her government would also protect nearby landowners from economic losses caused by restrictions on aerial spraying and crop-dusting, and would help develop national guidelines on wind farm locations and noise emissions.
6 Jan 2012

Wind farm silence deafening

With the benefit of recent acoustical studies and medical papers, it has become increasingly clear there is a link between wind turbine operation and health effects, the only question is to what degree and what action to take. ...It is distressing that we can get public policy so wrong so much of the time and then take so long to fix it.
4 Nov 2011
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