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Dundonnell wind farm gets green light to expand, loose bolts blamed for blade fall

Last month, Dundonnell was also hit by a fallen blade at one of its Vestas turbines, which brought production across the wind farm to a halt for a few days as the cause was investigated. Campbell says it is clear that the blade fell because bolts holding it to the hub became loose, but the question of why those bolts became loose is still under investigation.
9 Nov 2020

Blade falls from Dundonnell Wind Farm turbine, launching investigation

The blade fell around 8.30pm and the company has since removed all turbines from operation while an investigation of the damage occurs. "A root cause analysis will be completed in conjunction with the wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas, which will inform the assurance process on the other turbines prior to these being returned to service," Mr Campbell said.
6 Oct 2020

Call to probe turbine failure

Hobart people are being used as guinea pigs in an experiment to test untried wind turbines, Hobart City Council aldermen said last night. They expressed fury at the failure and damage to the turbines on Hobart's waterfront Marine Board building on August 11, coming after the council had included safety concerns in its opposition to the turbines.
24 Aug 2010

Wind turbines shut for inquiry

The four wind turbines on the Marine Board building will be shut down until a full investigation has been done by Workplace Standards Tasmania. Roy Ormerod, general manager of Workplace Standards Tasmania, confirmed yesterday the turbine's supplier, I Want Energy, had been ordered to turn off the turbines.
19 Aug 2010

Wind blows up turbines drama

They were designed to withstand cyclones but yesterday's blustery conditions were enough to wreck two wind power turbines on top of the Marine Board Building. The turbines were seen spinning out of control in winds of up to 54km/h just before midday - before two blades came loose and fell in on themselves.
12 Aug 2010

Windflow faces $1m turbine bill

Windflow Technology could face a bill of nearly $1 million for repairs to turbines it has sold to NZ Windfarms. An independent expert's report on repairs or retrofits to Windflow Technology's turbines estimate the total cost at just over $966,000 for repairs excluding replacing blades and any consequential failures. Windflow has released a statement about the report.
29 Nov 2009

News on the wind turbine front just keeps coming in

The talk in the local community is that five of the 12 turbines at Toora are now shut down because of equipment failure, the warrantee period has expired and they can't get parts. This wind farm is not particularly old and it's now limping along with a 42% reduction in power output. It's probably a good time to get this junk off the Toora hills....... This mucking around with turbines all adds to the cost of something that is nothing more than a hoax, which would all be pretty funny if it wasn't subsidised by the public purse.
4 Jan 2007
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