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Business leaders slam Govt's energy efficiency strategy

The government's new plans to get power from sustainable sources are being slammed by some business leaders. The government says it wants "wind and water power" rather than coal and gas energy but the business leaders say it is not necessarily the cheaper option. ... "Sometimes frankly it doesn't rain and the wind doesn't blow and if that's going to be the case what are going to do to keep the lights on come 2025," O'Reilly says. And despite the government's claims renewable energy will be cheaper for all of us in the long term, the cost of a carbon emissions trading scheme alone is likely to increase power bills and there's no hard evidence windfarms can combat that.
13 Oct 2007

State renewable energy target to cost over $1bn: report

The State Government has commenced a 15 week consultation process on its renewable energy strategy, after economic modelling revealed the costs of reaching its target of 15 per cent renewable energy by 2020 would exceed $1 billion. More than $1 billion will need to be invested in renewable energy in Western Australia if the State Government is to reach its target of 15 per cent renewable energy by 2020, new data has revealed.
29 Aug 2007

Media Release from Tim Le Roy, Coastal Guardians

Yet another wind energy mirage evaporates as Vestas Wind Energy announced today the closure of their Portland (Victoria) blade manufacturing plant with an estimated 140 job losses........"Premier Brumby has an opportunity to wipe the slate clean on wind energy as well as save some of Victorias' most treasured landscapes. Former planning minister, Mary Delahunty, approved wind turbines at Cape Bridgewater in 2002 but with the caveat "I also stated that planning approvals will not be granted for the four sites until satisfactory evidence is provided that the wind turbine manufacturing facility associated with the proposal will proceed in Victoria.""
22 Aug 2007

Big rise in power price

Meridian has sent letters to its 2500 Marlborough customers informing them of the rise, which follows annual price rises by other electricity suppliers Trustpower (8.1 percent in June) and Contact Energy (nine percent in July last year). Genesis Energy public affairs manager Richard Gordon said he could not recall any recent price rises and the company did not have any plans to do so for at least a year. Meridian spokesman Alan Seay said electricity increases were never good news but that the price rise was necessary and reflected the overall cost of supplying electricity......Mr Seay said the considerable price increase in Marlborough was attributable to increasing demand in the South Island, where dairying and viticulture were flourishing. As a result, Meridian was investing money into new hydro schemes and wind farms in Wellington and Central Otago.
1 Aug 2007

Wind farm size a big concern, says group

Proposed wind farms at Yendon and Elaine would dominate the landscape and reduce property values, a community group has claimed. Spokesman for the Lal Lal and Landscape Elaine Action Group John McMahon expressed concern at the size of both the proposed wind farms and turbines. "It is a very, very large project, (with) up to 79 turbines. It's very big, and these turbines are enormous."
12 Jun 2007

Wind farm furore

Wind power companies offering farmers lucrative contracts for turbine sites are driving a wedge between some country communities as neighbours are forced to "pay up or put up" with noise disruption and possible health problems. Three farmers involved with new wind farms told Rural News that power company negotiators tell farmers there will be no potential noise or health problems from turbines, in spite of contrary evidence from international researchers. One farmer says he signed up for 14 turbines, to earn $140,000 per year for 40 years, after being told by the power company that the turbines would be "ecofriendly". Now he thinks he should have done more research.
24 Apr 2007

Wind turbines drive farm communities

WIND power is behind an economic boom in the state's Mid North, which is reaping millions for local drought-affected communities. The first turbine at AGL's wind farm at Hallett is about to be switched on and 44 others are under construction. In one of the worst years for local farmers in history, construction of the $230 million project has provided communities with a much needed alternative source of income.
6 Mar 2007

Energy bills to surge with green power

The switch to “clean green” energy sources will cost households up to 40 per cent more on their power bill, Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane has said. Mr Macfarlane said it was inevitable there would be “big jumps” in power bills, but said most people were unaware of the looming increases. “I don’t think the consumers fully understand the price tag associated with lower greenhouse gas emissions,” he told The Courier-Mail in an exclusive interview.
27 Dec 2006

Clouds gathering over wind farm plan

Almost every property in their street, apart from those of the farmers on whose land the turbines are being built, is for sale. "I've watched my husband work all his life to build this home," Mrs Cicero said. "We've never had loans, we've always worked and saved. And now we find everything that we've put in here, it's all worth nothing." The Ciceros had their home valued at $410,000 before the wind farm was taken into account. Afterwards, the estimated value dropped to $270,000. They have not received one offer for their property in two years.
9 Jan 2006

No cooling breeze in wind debate

Keep wind turbines out of Yass Valley Council area and maintain pristine ridge lines was the overwhelming message from a meeting in Bowning last Tuesday night. Organised for those concerned about the proposed installation of wind generators on Black Range west of Yass, the meeting elected a committee to lobby local and state governments, and to raise awareness within the local community.
15 Dec 2005
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