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Wind industry angered over red tape

Wind energy producers are in a twist after being forced to demonstrate they are operating within noise limits every time they seek to surrender renewable energy certificates. As of the start of June, all large-scale power stations accredited under the renewable energy target will have to submit a "standing notice" of ongoing compliance with all local, state and federal planning and approval requirements.
29 May 2013

An ill wind

In less than a fortnight, the small community of King Island will vote on whether a crucial part of Australia's clean energy future should proceed to the next stage. But the islanders are sharply divided, after claims by health promotion company the Waubra Foundation, and their controversial CEO Dr Sarah Laurie, that the noise wind turbines make harms human health. Sarah Dingle investigates.
27 May 2013

Wind fight prompts turbine test

The EPA will measure sounds down to 0.25 hertz and will ensure wind turbine operator TRUenergy turns the wind turbines off and on when requested to get an accurate measure of background noise. The testing follows a joint study in Wisconsin in the US that found enough evidence to "classify low frequency noise and infrasound as a serious issue, possibly affecting the future of the (wind) industry".
10 Feb 2013

EPA to probe wind farm noise

The director of science and assessment with the EPA, Peter Dolan, says the monitoring will be used to determine if the current wind farm guidelines adequately take noise issues into account. He says the current guidelines deal with audible noise but the effects of lower frequency sound needs to be investigated.
1 Feb 2013
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