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Proposed Makara Wind Should Have Raised Alarms

... adverse noise effects and noise annoyance and irritation is set to affect residents of Makara after a similar incident, with similar circumstances to that of Makara's, forced a resident to leave his home. "One farmer at Meridian's Te Apiti wind farm has been forced to leave his homestead - some 350 metres from turbines - due to noise and vibration from the turbines. The new T3 wind turbines are causing sleep deprivation for residents 2.2km away," Ms Jorgensen said. ... the guardians are very concerned that Meridian Energy be made to comply with conditions that the Court's decision requires; these conditions are likely to require a considerable number of turbines being de-rated and turned off at times.
24 Sep 2007

Meridian's Makara Wind Farm: Was "Indivisible"

For very good reason, we feel that we cannot trust Meridian Energy; unfortunately they have not shown themselves to be trustworthy. We are very concerned that Meridian Energy be made to comply with conditions that the Court's decision requires; these conditions are likely to require a considerable number of turbines being de-rated and turned off at times. The Court warned Meridian of this. We question how a wind farm where turbines must be de-rated or turned off to protect residents can be "the best internationally".
10 Sep 2007

Giant turbines whip up a storm

Farmer Mark Phillips said he only found out about the wind farm because his farm had road access to the ridgeline that RES said it might want to use. "Most of my immediate neighbours didn't know there was a wind farm going in. RES still hasn't talked to them." Some nearby farmers had subdivided land and scores of houses had either been built or were planned, their owners unaware large turbines were likely to go up nearby.
3 Sep 2007

Fight restarts against turbines

Opponents of a controversial wind farm planned near Wellington are going back to court, claiming new evidence could limit the hours the project is allowed to run. Makara Guardians have asked both the High Court and the Environment Court to consider hearing submissions about the noise expected to come from Meridian Energy's West Wind project near Makara. ... Makara Guardians lawyer Graham Taylor said the group was not appealing against the project in full, but wanted to bring new evidence before the court about conditions relating to wind noise.
31 Aug 2007

Molonglo left in limbo No news yet on wind farm

"We want to get on with our lives but until we know whether the wind farm is going in, there's no point putting money and work in to improve our properties because it could become worthless. ..."The last time the company was in contact with the community was in 2005. We've picked up bits and pieces from the radio but when we send them registered letters asking for more information, we are ignored."
22 Jul 2007

Taralga Wind Farm

The villagers should have a forum to voice their feelings so they are not left with a nasty taste in their mouth and resentment in their gut. Further, negotiation with local people with local knowledge might even produce better outcomes for the proposed wind farm. If the Government is to achieve its renewable energy targets we know it has few choices. It can dot the crowded coastline or it can fill up the interior with these turbines. I am sure the Government would not allow hundreds of wind turbines around Newcastle, Wollongong or Sydney without very close and careful community consultation. The people of country New South Wales, and particularly the people of Taralga, no matter whose side one is on, deserve the same respect.
19 Jun 2007

The Environment Court decision

A recent report published by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has said large wind farms such as proposed here are not the way forward for New Zealand, the significant adverse impacts are avoidable by harnessing wind power using smaller clusters of small turbines servicing remote towns, and this will be better for the country. Unfortunately this report was published just after our hearing was completed.
8 Jun 2007

Drought puts new pressure on Victoria's power supply

THE security of Victoria's electricity supply is under a cloud after the emergence of threats to the operation of some of the state's key generators. In an unprecedented development, power companies have been forced to buy emergency supplies of water on the internet after the drought left them short of what they need to run major generators in the Latrobe Valley................A recent investigation by Wyndham City Council found "the operation of the gas-fuelled turbines adversely affects theamenity of the area by way of low-frequency noise and vibration".
10 May 2007

Wind farm furore

Wind power companies offering farmers lucrative contracts for turbine sites are driving a wedge between some country communities as neighbours are forced to "pay up or put up" with noise disruption and possible health problems. Three farmers involved with new wind farms told Rural News that power company negotiators tell farmers there will be no potential noise or health problems from turbines, in spite of contrary evidence from international researchers. One farmer says he signed up for 14 turbines, to earn $140,000 per year for 40 years, after being told by the power company that the turbines would be "ecofriendly". Now he thinks he should have done more research.
24 Apr 2007

Maori fiercely protective of historical lands

The Environment Court has ruled in favour of Maori spiritual values over an energy company's bid to erect dozens of wind turbines on a Hawke's Bay mountain range. The court said the 37 turbines would go against Maori spiritual values, including the site's history, water and sacred areas. Judge Craig Thompson said it was impossible not to absorb some of the depth of emotion expressed about the attachment of people to the area. Such rulings have in the past been subject to ridicule from business developers and politicians.
19 Apr 2007

Hawkes Bay Wind Farm decision "feeds the soul"

The Maori Party has today welcomed the findings of the Environment Court in ruling against the erection of 37 turbines along Te Waka Range skyline on the Napier-Taupo Road. "The site of the Te Waka -Titiohanga-Maungaharuru range is a distinctive feature of the Hawkes Bay" said Maori Party Co-leader, Dr Pita Sharples. "It creates an unique skyline which has great value as a landform, as a recreation resource, and a milestone landmark".
19 Apr 2007

Noise detail takes time for Motorimu

The decision-making process has begun on the Motorimu wind farm proposal, but the hearing has not yet been declared closed. Motorimu Wind Farm Ltd has applied for consent to place 127 wind turbines in the Tararua foothills on the border of Horowhenua and Palmerston North. While the public is excluded from this part of proceedings, chairwoman Dinah Williams has given an update on their progress. "We still haven't closed the hearing. We sought further clarification from the noise experts."
19 Apr 2007

Wind farm concerns aired

almerston North City Council's noise specialist Nigel Lloyd opened his case to slash turbine numbers for the proposed Motorimu wind farm yesterday. The joint hearing by commissioners was in its second day of overtime and looks set for a couple more. There were 218 submitters on the proposal within the allowed time period, 91 of whom indicated they would like to speak on their submission. Yesterday was the opening of the council's presentation.
28 Mar 2007

Turbine 'desecration' under fire

Maori have attacked plans for more wind turbines in the Tararua Ranges, saying turbines are weakening the mauri (life force) and mana of the hill tops. He Kupenga Hao i te Reo (Inc) secretary Ian Christensen objected to the proposed Motorimu Wind Farm at the resource consent hearing in Palmerston North yesterday. It proposes 127 turbines for the hills behind Tokomaru and Linton. He told the three commissioners that the Tararua ridge line had enough turbines and "further desecration of the ridgeline" with more would weaken mauri to a point where the "wellbeing of people would be in jeopardy". "Manawatu has been desecrated by the pollution of human beings. We urge that the whole of the mountain range not be desecrated as well," he said.
16 Mar 2007

Turbines ‘intrusive’

A Massey University survey shows that 80 percent of people in Manawatu who live within 3km of wind turbines find them intrusive. And 73 percent think the turbines are unattractive. This finding is at odds with the national support for wind energy expressed in other published studies, building technology senior lecturer Robyn Phipps, who led the survey said in a report.
15 Mar 2007

Turbine noise issues

Wind turbines can have distressing noise effects that can degrade health and lifestyles, a resource consent hearing was told yesterday. Tararua Aokautere Guardians called a number of witnesses to support its submission against the proposed 127 turbine Motorimu Wind Farm planned for the Tararua Ranges behind Linton and Tokomaru. Sound energy expert David Bennett said there is "extensive evidence, both internationally and within New Zealand," that wind turbines can have distressing noise effects which can degrade health and lifestyles, and hence property values". If Motorimu proceeded as planned, Kahuterawa Valley would be particularly affected, while Linton-Tokomaru area residents would also be affected, particularly in easterly winds and conditions of temperature inversion. Dr Bennett and noise expert Richard Thorne both criticised the recognised noise Standard for wind farms, NZS6808. Dr Bennett said the standard's deficiencies contributed to division between developers who say they meet the standards and residents who feel noise distress. Mr Thorne said noise research showed 10 percent of exposed people were "highly annoyed" by traffic noise at 60dBA, while the same degree of annoyance occurred at 36dBA for wind turbine noise.
15 Mar 2007

Visual and noise effects reported by residents living close to Manawatu wind farms: Preliminary results

This important paper investigates the noise and visual effects on local residents from the existing wind turbines in the Manawatu and Tararua region of New Zealand. A total of 1100 urban and rural residents, the majority living within a 3km radius of the wind farms in the Tararua and Manawatu districts were administered a self-reporting survey. The survey asked residents to assess the visual and noise effects of the closest wind farm. This paper presents preliminary results from this study. It demonstrates that 45 percent of respondents living within 2km heard noise from the turbines, and 80 percent thought that the turbines were visually intrusive.
1 Mar 2007
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