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Commission comes down against wind turbine changes

In its findings released today, the Commission declared the application for modification of the original approval was “inconsistent with the intent and spirit of the Draft NSW Planning Guidelines....the application, if approved, would have significant visual impact on the non-associated residences and the proposed vegetation screening would not be able to mitigate the impact on all affected residences to an acceptable level.”
3 Oct 2014

Wellington wind farm polarises town

More than 200 people attended the commission to witness 47 residents and local stakeholders discuss the good and the bad of the potential wind farms. ...Mr Gregory was in a minority of speakers who supported the wind turbine project, a high percentage of speakers discussed potential health issues, flora and fauna damage, visual amenities and air navigation issues.
1 Aug 2013

The conversion of a pro-wind lawyer

"There wasn't much evidence around but I was struck by the countryside. The more we drove around on inspection the more convinced I was the turbines would have an impact. "I went past some time later when they were under construction and I was absolutely horrified to see the towers going up. They didn't have their nacelles (hubs) or blades on at that stage but I thought ‘what have I done to these people.'"
13 Jan 2013

Wind power and ecology

Nature-society-nov-2011_thumb This edition of Nature and Society newseltter includes two articles regarding wind energy and its impacts on nearby environments and people. The full articles can be accessed by downloading the newsletter from this page. One of the articles is provided, in full, on this page.
1 Nov 2011

Dirty war of clean energy

"It's like no other noise you have ever heard," he said describing it as a strong whooshing sound that persists with a westerly wind. "That's about 90 per cent of the year." South Australian farmer Andy Thomas lives near six turbines at Mt Bryan. In an affidavit in a case against the wind farm, Mr Thomas said the turbine noise was like a jet passing overhead.
22 Oct 2011

Moyne Shire axes 'arrogant' wind farm projects

Moyne Shire councillors voted on Tuesday night to oppose extending permits for the proposed Hawkesdale and Ryan Corner wind farm projects, granted to developers Union Fenosa three years ago. The Standard understands the move is the first time that a Victorian council have been able to successfully oppose a wind farm proposal since the Baillieu government won office last year.
25 Aug 2011
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