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RES New Zealand awarded windfarm contract

The Greater Wellington Regional Council has awarded RES New Zealand the contract to develop a 90MW windfarm on its Puketiro site. The proposal allows for up to thirty 3MW turbines to be put into the council owned land in the Akatarawa forest, which is designated as a future water collection area. Changes to the council’s water care legislation last year allowed for long term leases of the land for the purpose renewable energy projects.
5 Dec 2006

Sound wind-farm information urged

Providing clear and credible information about the environmental effects of wind farms and other proposed energy projects is vital if community support is to be gained, Prof Richard Morgan says. The University of Otago geography professor is convener of a two-day energy conference which starts at the university tomorrow. “Current energy project debates show that when we have a poor understanding of likely effects . . . it is very difficult to reach decisions that most people feel comfortable with,” Prof Morgan warned.
29 Nov 2006

Wind farm company eyes potential sites in Otago

Another company is scouting wind farm sites in Otago, but will not say whether any of the locations it has looked at appear promising. New Zealand Windfarms chief executive Chris Freear was in Dunedin on Tuesday after looking at potential wind farm sites in the area. Mr Freear declined to provide further details on any of the sites, citing commercial sensitivity, and emphasised his company was scouting locations throughout the country. “New Zealand’s got a lot of windy hills,” he said.
29 Nov 2006

Meridian Confident Over Windfarm

Meridian Energy is confident it can address the Department of Conservation's fears about the effects of its 92 square kilometre windfarm in Central Otago. DoC has lodged a submission to the Central Otago District Council saying the windfarm should be declined a resource consent, despite the Government submitting in support of it.
25 Nov 2006

Nimby Facts About The Proposed Capital Wind Farm Site

The Capital Wind Farm project will seriously diminish biodiversity from its initiation and this degradation will not cease. It is totally hypocritical for the scientific community, the so called environmental community, and the renewable energy businesses to promote an inefficient and invasive technology which has decimated bird populations globally. The inefficiency of wind technology must be thoroughly researched and published by our media as a matter of the utmost urgency. For those sanctimonious bureaucrats and scientists who reply that we should be looking at the bigger picture, that global warming is killing off species anyway, this is all the more reason to lobby our governments to develop a clean and efficient technology immediately. There is no room for scientific arrogance or ignorance with regard to the technology (not just the scientific concept) of energy production.
23 Nov 2006

Ratepayers set to pay city for information

Palmerston North ratepayers will be charged $56 an hour for information if they ask the city council too many hard questions. Paul Stichbury and John Adams, unhappy at the lack of information they have received about the Turitea wind farm proposal, have both emailed the council with questions and both have been told by city council legal counsel John Annabell that they will be charged for the answers. The men said they thought the cost was “to fob them off”, but Mr Annabell said it is standard practice. “We haven’t charged anybody yet . . . but we have indicated to two people that there could be a charge at a rate of $56.” Mr Stichbury said questions he asked in his submission to the council on the wind farm proposal have never been answered.
21 Nov 2006

Govt backing Project Hayes

The Government has decided to formally support the controversial Project Hayes wind farm on the Lammermoor Range, behind Middlemarch. The Minister for the Environment and Dunedin South MP, David Benson-Pope, confirmed yesterday the Government would be putting in a supporting submission to the Project Hayes resource consent process the first time it has taken such a step. The proposed project, by government-owned power company Meridian Energy, will have 176 160m high wind towers and is expected to cost between $1.2 billion to $2 billion to build and generate 630MW of power.
21 Nov 2006

Horizons backs call for councils to take lead

Horizons Regional Council says it is right behind Environment Commissioner Morgan Williams’ call for regional councils to take a lead in managing wind farm development. Dr Williams’ report Wind Power, People and Place, was tabled in Parliament last week. Horizons chairman Garry Murfitt said he agrees with Dr Williams’ recommendation that regional councils take a leadership role in developing a proactive, strategic approach to wind power.
20 Nov 2006

Wind farm opponents say farms don’t need to be coastal

Opponents of a proposed wind farm near the southern Western Australian town of Denmark say plans for a similar wind farm at Mount Barker make a mockery of claims wind farms must be on the coast. The planned Denmark community wind farm on Wilson Head, near Ocean Beach, has attracted vocal opposition from people who believe it will be a blight on an important coastal landscape.
20 Nov 2006

Report criticises Horizons leadership

Horizons Regional Council has not taken a strong leadership role in the development of wind farms in Manawatu and a report says it should have. Wind Power, People and Place, a report by Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Morgan Williams, tabled in Parliament yesterday, recommends regional councils take a leadership role in developing a proactive, strategic approach to wind power development. However, last month, Horizons said it was not its job to decide where wind farms will be erected. Horizons spokeswoman Emma Goodwin said yesterday the council has not yet had a chance to read the report and will comment today.
17 Nov 2006

You’ve got to be joking!

Wind turbines are NOT planned for Dunedin’s Octagon or the Otago Peninsula; not that we know of. But the computer-enhanced photograph isn’t altogether a joke. Huge turbines exactly like this their height and size shown in correct context and scale could soon dominate the landscape in inland Otago. Meridian Energy, through its Project Hayes, wants to put 176 such windmills, each 160m high, on the Lammermoor range behind Middlemarch; and TrustPower hopes to erect at least 100, slightly smaller, nearby on the Lammerlaw Range. If both proposals go ahead, the two contiguous sites in inland Otago would contain the world’s largest wind farm.
17 Nov 2006

Report urges community involvement in windfarms

Expansion of the nation’s electricity generation by wind turbines may be eco-friendly, but it’s not winning hearts and minds in local communities, says Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Morgan Williams. Dr William’s report – Wind Power, People and Place – released today, said tensions were being increased by the limited scope for most New Zealanders to be involved in wind power development.
16 Nov 2006
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