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Turbines put the wind up locals

With the prospect of 100 wind turbines around his house, Allan Schafer wants John Brumby to send the Berrybank wind farm somewhere else. "Move the turbines away from us," he begged the Victorian Premier during a radio interview. "There are lots of areas within the state where you don't have to be within 2km of houses."
25 Nov 2010

Wind farm push full of hot air

"Whether you are pro-wind or anti-wind, one thing we all agree on is the process is a process that is inequitable, it is without consultation, it is without a true viable economic base, it is purely a political PR process. It causes great anger and angst and sadness amongst the community." This describes, with appalling accuracy, what is happening in every community targeted for industrial wind facilities.
17 Nov 2010

Mayors attack Brumby over wind farms

Two local mayors have launched a stinging pre-election attack on the Brumby Government over wind farms. Moorabool Mayor Pat Toohey and Pyrenees Mayor David Clark say local government lacks the expertise and financial resources to monitor and enforce planning permit conditions related to wind farms.
17 Nov 2010

Federal Senate wind farm inquiry

Goulburn Mulwaree Councillor, Geoff Peterson, is urging individuals, community groups and organisations to make submissions to a Federal Senate inquiry into the social and economic impact of wind farm installations. ..."It is simply not good enough for large energy corporations to climb into bed with Governments and plonk these monstrosities all over the countryside without meaningful dialogue with local residents."
17 Nov 2010
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