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Health check at Waubra wind farm

The Victorian Government will examine claims that Waubra's 128-turbine wind farm is harming the health of nearby residents. Finance, WorkCover and Transport Accident Commission Minister, Tim Holding, wrote to Western Victoria MLC Peter Kavanagh earlier this week to confirm that three government departments would examine "potential hazards" caused by sub-audible noise emitted by the turbines.
15 Oct 2009

Allendale East wind farm opposed

An Allendale East dairy farmer says he is not prepared to pull his blinds down to keep flashing lights out at night, nor will he put up with the endless noise of humming wind turbines if the proposed Allendale Wind Farm goes ahead on his doorstep. Richard Paltridge told The Border Watch he strongly objects to the multi-million dollar green power project with 49 turbines, which is currently awaiting approval before construction can start next year. "I love this area, it's beautiful and I don't want the scenery spoiled by high towers when I am going to have 13 turbines within close view," he said.
15 Oct 2009

Wind farm noise set to cause dissent

Turbine noise will likely be the most contentious issue at a hearing to decide if an extension to Te Rere Hau wind farm should be allowed. Thirty-three of 36 neighbours of the proposed wind farm, east of Palmerston North, oppose an extension because of noise concerns. New Zealand Windfarms yesterday defended its record on turbine noise as it sought the right to add 56 turbines on the eastern side of the Tararua Ranges. ...Despite a series of complaints about noise, the company argued it could show it was complying with consent conditions.
7 Oct 2009

Further windfarm study?

Results from testing at Waubra windfarm have led Ballarat University lecturer, Graeme Wood, to consider undertaking further investigation to understand what effects the turbines are having. "There are grounds for investigation," he said. ...Speaking last Friday, he said that noise levels are not extreme, but there is a much broader band present than originally expected. "There is more noise at low frequency than expected. The turbines make a range of sound," he said. Also of interest are high pulses of sound, several times a second.
6 Oct 2009

George in a spin over noisy wind power

George McLaughlin's property has been on the market for five months, but after his new neighbour, Capital Wind Farm, fired up its turbines about a month ago, he decided to move out even if he cannot sell. While Kevin Rudd was pushing global solutions for climate change in New York at the weekend, in NSW the battle between wind farms as planet-saving sources of renewable energy and residents who say they destroy rural life is coming to a head.
20 Sep 2009

Windy welcome for health minister

A small group of protesters took advantage o f the Federal health minister' s visit to Ballan yesterday to stage a quiet demonstration against the region's wind farms, but Nicola Roxon was unperturbed. The group wielding placards detailing the alleged adverse health effects of living near the giant turbines stood in the grounds of the town's new super clinic as Ms. Roxon officially opened the building before a group of about 80.
15 Sep 2009

Turbines ‘can rumble, roar'

Ashhurst man Harvey Jones has sounded a warning about what Turitea residences could be in for if a wind farm gets the go-ahead there. Yesterday, he described to the board of inquiry considering the Turitea proposal how he would hear a "low rumble like a train" and a noise "sometimes like a jet flying over the top."
6 Sep 2009

Layout of wind farm in review

The layout of Mighty River Power's planned Turitea wind farm is under review after nearby residents and landscape experts slated its design. The company plans to build a wind farm of up to 121 turbines near Palmerston North, but announced yesterday it would "reconsider" the design. Landscape experts were worried about the visual impact of the proposed turbines on the Tararua Ranges and Turitea residents were also upset that some of the proposed turbines were near houses.
5 Sep 2009

Wind Farms causing head spins

Wind farms may be good for the environment, but are they good for people living right next to them? Farmers living near Australia's biggest wind farm in Waubra in north western Victoria claim it's making them sick. But the State Government and the wind farm company say there's no evidence to prove the turbines are the cause of the problem. Cheryl Hall reports.
4 Sep 2009

Anger over inaudible noise

A wind farm company has refuted claims by Waubra residents that 128 turbines are causing excessive low-frequency noise. ...However, a University of Ballarat engineer has cast doubt on the tests. Graeme Hood said sound measuring equipment purchased by Mr. Dean, showed low-frequency sound measured at 70 to 80 decibels in Mr. Dean's home.
2 Sep 2009

Turbines: How noisy is too noisy?

People will complain about wind-farm noise no matter what restrictions are put in place, a board of inquiry has been told. As the wind wailed outside Palmerston North's FMG Stadium yesterday, inside, the board continued to hear about noise issues relating to the proposed Turitea Wind Farm. Environment Minister Nick Smith appointed the board to decide if the 121-turbine proposal from Mighty River Power should go ahead.
27 Aug 2009

No relief for land owners affected by wind farms

People who find themselves living next door to a wind farm are unlikely to have their land compulsorily acquired, despite some residents complaining that the turbines are hurting their health. Michael Pickering, an expert on compulsory acquisition with LAC Lawyers in Melbourne, said there is no straightforward legal process open to landowners who believe their properties should have been acquired before energy companies were permitted to erect large turbines.
23 Aug 2009

Windfarm Research

When Trisha Godfrey bought her dream home she never imagined this. Sixty-five turbines in her view, some just eight-hundred metres away. Since they've been operating she's had trouble sleeping and suffered constant headaches and nausea. "All I know is before the wind turbines went on I was okay and now I'm not."
6 Aug 2009

'Excessive' noise upsets residents

The owner of Te Rere Hau wind farm, New Zealand Windfarms, is confident its turbines comply with noise limits, despite an increasing number of complaints. Palmerston North City Council had received 14 noise complaints since early May, principal planner Virginia Shaw said. People had complained about having difficulty sleeping, a "droning" sound and "excessive rumble".
4 Aug 2009
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