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Windfarms stands by compliance

New Zealand Windfarms is standing by its compliance record for the Te Rere Hau wind farm near Palmerston North, despite more than 370 noise complaints in less than a year - more than a complaint a day. ...It's not yet clear if Palmerston North City Council will insist on more extensive testing, carry out its own tests, or consider legal action.
24 Apr 2010

Tuki wind farm: victory claimed for people power

When Smeaton residents learnt in March 2007 of a plan to put up 15 wind turbines in the district, a line in the dirt was drawn. For the next three years, many friends became foes as the issue split the town in two. A wind-farm protest group, Spa Country Landscape Guardians, was formed and threatened legal action against any landholders taking up Wind Power's offer to put up turbines.
23 Apr 2010

Health a worry for wind farm opponents

Among the issues raised in the submissions for Moorabool are environmental effects on flora and fauna, native vegetation, aviation lighting, visual impact and noise impacts. Mr Burn said health was a big issue with wind farm projects at the moment. There was a strong emphasis on it after the Waubra Wind Farm was built and operated.
20 Apr 2010

Tilting at windmills: why families are at war

Through the strange workings of state environmental policy, the drinking water which Sydney takes from the sea is directly connected to the industrial machines that keep Ruth Corrigan and her husband Roderick awake in their country cottage 180 kilometres away. The pair, both in their late 60s, live next to the Capital Wind Farm at Bungendore with its 67 huge turbines.
2 Apr 2010

Experts clash over wind farm noise

Experts could be summonsed to the Turitea Wind Farm board of inquiry as acoustic consultants argue over whether a new noise standard will be effective in protecting nearby residents. One expert, Philip Dickinson, has broken ranks with acoustic experts on the appropriateness of the new standard and has been scathing about potential negative health effects, including sleep disruption.
20 Mar 2010

Wind farm health fears

A resident furious about the spread of wind farms has warned of dire consequences if major developments proceed. Annie Gardner lives on a property east of Macarthur and formed a local Landscape Guardians group in 2005 after Southern Hydro announced plans to build Australia's largest wind farm on her boundary.
19 Mar 2010

Wind farms at odds with enviornment

Building wind farms and "protecting" the environment do not sit comfortably together, as she claims. When remnant native vegetation is in the way of turbine sites and their extensive associated infrastructure, wind power companies simply blast or bulldoze their way through it. (If you remain unconvinced, go and look for yourself at what is happening along the Waterloo Range).
18 Mar 2010

Waubra Wind Farm: critics' property bought

The operators of Waubra Wind Farm have bought the property of one of their most vocal critics. Acciona Energy announced the purchase of Trish and Victor Godfrey's five-acre property yesterday for an undisclosed amount. Managing director Brett Thomas said the decision to buy the Godfreys' property followed lengthy discussions with the couple over the visual impact of turbines on their property.
11 Feb 2010

Turbine opponents blow in to Evansford

One-time wind farm advocate Donald Thomas now believes turbines are affecting the health of those who live or work in the area. Picture: van der Klooster The noise of turbines could carry all the way to Clunes if the Waubra South wind farm extension goes ahead, Evansford resident Donald Thomas says. Mr Thomas joined about 60 wind farm opponents at a meeting at Evansford Community Centre last week to draw attention to the health issues they say the turbines create.
9 Feb 2010
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