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Reporters find it hard to tell truth about renewables

Climate writers should know intermittent energy from wind and solar cannot support grid-scale power 100 per cent of the time. It needs to be backed up with energy storage. This is why former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull launched the Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro scheme, the cost of which has blown out from less than $3bn to more than $6bn, according to Giles Parkinson at the RenewEconomy website.
17 Oct 2021

AGL faces big fines over wind farm issues

The Hallett wind farms, operated by companies wholly owned at the time by power generator AGL, had failed to obtain written approval from the network operators for critical settings designed to allow their wind turbines to ride through disruptions to the electricity grid. In action brought by the Australian Energy Regulator, the Federal Court heard on Friday that while the failure to obtain approval was inadvertent, the settings applied were insufficient to cope with the disruptions to the network during the black system event.
20 Aug 2021

Two SA wind farms fined more than $1 million for their role in 2016 statewide blackout

A formal review of the blackout found overly sensitive protection mechanisms in some South Australian wind farms were to blame. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) found the unexpected operation of the control settings resulted in the sudden loss of generation from the wind farms. In the court proceedings, both Pacific Hydro and Hornsdale admitted that they applied repeat low voltage ride through system settings to their generating units without prior written approval from AEMO and ElectraNet.
1 Jul 2021

Windfarm up in the air

Developers of a planned sprawling Gippsland windfarm with turbines among the tallest in the country have sought an independent panel to assess and approve the project. ...Objectors claim the 250m turbines pose a fire risk and may hamper the efforts of water bombing and retardantspraying aircraft in the blazeprone part of Victoria.
16 Jan 2021

Keep turbines out of farms’ way

The Robbins Island wind farm is the epitome of bad planning. Environmentally, it is placed in the middle of an important bird habitat. It proposes a private bridge and causeway across a sandy channel, more than 1400m long, and destroys one of the great vistas of the North-West coast. It also relies on a 170km long high voltage transmission line, across forest and farmland. It is directed to a group of dams that should be dedicated to hydro irrigation.
24 Aug 2020

Major Granite Belt wind farm project stalls

Goldwind Australia took the reins on the Dalveen-based project in early 2018, which first became a realisation under the stewardship of Brisbane-based businessman Tim Lucas. Since the takeover, there has no been no news on when or if the project will go ahead. More damning still, there’s no trace of the project on Goldwind Australia’s website which lists their projects that are in operation, construction or planning phases.
25 Apr 2020
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