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Japan's alternative energy plans ignore wind power

However, several years ago, a utility company that owns the grids started limiting acceptance of wind electricity from the wind farm. Council officials were told that the large influxes of wind-generated power in the grids had caused "fluctuations in output and frequency," and "lowered the quality of the electricity supply." In supplying electricity nationwide, the major utility companies meticulously balance output with demand to stabilize the voltage and frequency supplied by their networks.
9 May 2009

Indigenous people see harm from Kyoto warming pact

Indigenous peoples from the Amazon to Asia said on Wednesday that U.N.-backed clean energy projects meant to combat global warming were aggravating threats to their livelihoods. They said hydropower projects or plantations of fast-growing trees, prompted by a billion-dollar scheme under the U.N.’s Kyoto Protocol for limiting the planet’s dependence on fossil fuels, were damaging nature. “We are not only victims of climate change, we are now victims of the carbon market,” Jocelyn Therese, a spokesman for indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin, told a news conference on the fringes of U.N. talks on global warming. “Efforts that are supposed to…retard climate change are having an equally disastrous effect,” said Ana Pinto, representing indigenous peoples in India.
8 Nov 2006

Researchers ready for major wind power energy proposal

Japan can produce more than 10 percent of electricity consumed in the country by building a massive offshore wind power facility off the Kanto region of eastern Japan, researchers told Jiji Press on Thursday. In a joint study by the University of Tokyo and Tokyo Electric Power Co., the researchers concluded that Japan can produce an annual 100 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity through such a facility, offering a key alternative to fossil fuels.
3 Nov 2006
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