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More Japan utilities halt grid access

Okinawa Electric Power and Shikoku Electric Power have followed Kyushu Electric Power in temporarily halting grid-access applications for renewables projects, in the latest sign that Japan’s utilities are struggling to integrate solar and wind into their strained networks.
30 Sep 2014

Japan utility, Kyushu, to suspend grid access for new renewable energy producers

Kyushu Electric Power Co. (9508) will suspend responding to applications from renewable-energy producers applying to access its grid while it reviews how much more clean energy it’s capable of handling. The utility, which supplies power to the southern island of Kyushu, said the restriction begins tomorrow, according to a statement posted on its website. The decision doesn’t affect agreements already in place.
24 Sep 2014

Wind forecast order jeopardizes industry, Tata Power says

A directive took effect this week ordering wind farms with a capacity of 10 megawatts or more to forecast their generation in 15-minute blocks for the following day. Missing estimates by more than 30 percent will incur penalties. ...The infrastructure can't cope with intermittent wind- and sun-power generation, which has doubled in capacity in five years to almost 20 gigawatts.
16 Jul 2013

Weak grid connections stalling China's wind energy growth

The problem has largely been caused by the recent rapid growth in wind energy in China coupled with the extensive power grid upgrades that are needed to transmit wind energy to consumers. ...China plans to get 15 per cent of its energy from non fossil fuels by 2020, with wind power expected to contribute two per cent and solar one per cent.
27 Feb 2011
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