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Compromise in Arizona defers a solar power fight

“The distributed rooftop solar industry has just been pushing for so long, ‘There’s no cost shift, there’s no cost shift, there’s no cost shift,’ and I think increasingly you’re seeing people both in California and Arizona and in other places say, ‘No, this is a real issue and we’ve got to deal with it,’ ” said Jeff Guldner, senior vice president for customers and regulation of Arizona Public Service. “If we don’t do something to address it you’re going to have the system collapse.”
16 Nov 2013

Government funding drives wind farms, says Alliance

The Chevelon Alliance, headed by Tom Lahman, claims that wind generation funded by the government is set to create another "economic bubble." According to Lahman, developers build the farms for the government funds that flow to the projects. "The only reason that industrial wind farms exist today is the tax write-offs, subsidies and green mandates."
3 Nov 2010

It might take a lot of green to be 'green'; Renewable energy costs still double that of fossil fuels

The Arizona Corporation Commission has a mandate in place requiring that at least 15 percent of the state's energy come from renewable sources by the year 2025. But despite its intention to wean the state off fossil fuels, the move has drawn vocal criticism from free-market advocates such as the Goldwater Institute, which claims the mandate will cost utility customers billions over the next 15 years.
27 Aug 2009

Rate hike needed to afford cleaner energy, SRP says

Salt River Project announced Friday that it was considering raising electricity rates 8.8 percent, opening the next chapter in a long string of rate hikes to hit Arizona consumers over the past decade. But it also offered a glimpse of the future, where more energy will come from cleaner, renewable sources - but will come at a premium. If approved, the increase could go into effect in October.
11 Jul 2009

Renewable-energy plan OK’d

After all the years of lip service about the potential for alternative-energy production in Arizona, especially solar, it's now down to brass tacks. Arizona Corporation Commission members Bill Mundell, Barry Wong, Kris Mayes and Jeff Hatch-Miller voted Tuesday for a measure, and Mike Gleason against, to require that 15 percent of the state's total energy production be from renewable-energy sources by 2025. A significant amount of that 15 percent - about one-third - by 2011 will come from so-called distributed energy, which is electricity produced by residential or non-utility-owned firms. In other words, commissioners opened the door for creative technologies in the fields of solar, wind, biomass and possibly geothermal to show they can produce substantial quantities of energy.
1 Nov 2006

Cleaner energy at a price

Renewable energy is all the rage these days. With gasoline prices rising, with greenhouse gases and global warming at the forefront of public concern, the lure of pollution-free energy from windmills, photovoltaic solar panels and geothermal wells has never been stronger.
9 Apr 2006
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