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Cleburne County Commission passes windfarm regulations

The proposed legislation passed unanimously by the Cleburne Commission is based on the Cherokee County law, Commission Chairman Ryan Robertson said. The legislation includes regulations such as a 2,500 foot setback from adjacent property, a 40-decibel sound limit and safety features including fences at least 6 feet high surrounding the turbines.
10 Feb 2015

Wind turbine opponents say structures could affect radio signals

Opponents of a proposed wind farm on Turkey Heaven Mountain have brought up concerns that the development might hamper emergency communications in the county, and a communications expert supported their warning. Mark Truett, one of the the dissenters, brought information on the potential for interference to a Cleburne County Commission meeting earlier this month.
17 Dec 2014

Wind turbine lawsuit now in federal court

The lawsuit, filed on June 2, had dismissed all the defendants but Oklahoma-based Nations Energy Solutions and Terra-Gen Power from Delaware, so the defendants asked that the case be transferred to federal court. Anniston attorney Christopher Hopkins, who represents the defendants, filed the notice of the move to federal court Dec. 4.
10 Dec 2014

All defendants but two dismissed from wind turbine lawsuit

Plaintiffs attorney Chad Hopper said he requested the rest of the residents named in the case be dismissed because he discovered they did not have contracts with Nations Energy Solutions, the company exploring the possibility of building the wind turbine farm. Terra Gen, the other company named in the lawsuit, and Nations are the last two defendants in the case.
9 Nov 2014

Wind farm project dead; leases with land owners terminated

Attorney Charles Stewart, representing Pioneer Green, said the project has been canceled in both Etowah and Cherokee counties. He said after legislation was passed establishing parameters for any wind turbine project, including setback lines and permitting through the Public Service Commission, “they couldn’t make the project work.”
20 Aug 2014

Cleburne County Residents near proposed wind mill farm sue developers

The lawsuit was filed June 2 by neighbors of the properties being explored as possible sites for wind turbines. The lawsuit states that the project “will destroy some of Cleburne County’s most scenic areas,” as well as diminish area property values, and cause irreparable harm to the adjoining landowners due to flashing blades, low frequency noise, wind turbine syndrome and space and motion discomfort.
18 Jun 2014

Heed painful lessons from Indiana on wind farms

If Etowah politicians allow wind farms — maybe not now, but later after all residents have experienced the social damage these monstrosities cause — political careers will be in jeopardy. ...The citizens of Kokomo and Howard County have seen the enemy and do not like it. Gadsden and Etowah County have yet to witness these prodigious Frankenstein monsters.
31 May 2014

Cleburne commission lets die proposal to halt wind farms

Commissioner Benji Langley created the proposal, which among other things would have directed Chairman Ryan Robertson to write a letter to the governor and local legislators to ask for a three-year moratorium on wind energy projects in the state. It additionally asked the commissioners to state that they would not now or in the future close or re-route County Road 852, the main road up Turkey Heaven Mountain.
20 May 2014

Wind farm regulation bill stalls in house

Rep. Nordgren said that her bill, H.B. 106, never got on the agenda in committee and she was not invited to the negotiations. She lives on Shinbone Ridge in Etowah County where the wind turbines are located and the Committee version of the legislation would not have prevented the Turbines from being built in her neighborhood, but her substitute bill would.
3 Apr 2014

Bill may put wind-power projects in state at risk

A bill going through the Alabama Legislature that would regulate wind power might put an end to two wind turbine projects that have been in the works in Etowah and Cherokee counties for more than three years. There are also two local bills that have been passed by both chambers of the state Legislature that Williams described as “backstop” bills to stop the projects in case the state bill doesn’t pass.
31 Mar 2014
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