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Wind energy companies hire lobbyists to fight bill that would regulate them in Alabama

The most concerning part of Williams’ research may have come from the realization that the State of Alabama has no laws on the books to protect citizens and communities when it comes to wind energy production. While regulations on coal mining require an almost unimaginable amount of research, proposals, permits, reclamation plans, insurance and numerous other safeguards overseen by independent government entities, wind farms are largely free to do as they please without any real oversight to speak of.
25 Feb 2014

As turbine technology steps up, new obstacles to development arise in Ala.

In Alabama, a Senate energy panel reviewed a measure to regulate turbines yesterday, moving the bill forward favorably late in the afternoon with a 5-1 vote. Wind projects are proposed for eight counties, said bill sponsor state Sen. Phil Williams (R) of Rainbow City. ..."There is absolutely no regulatory authority in Alabama regarding wind," Williams said. "We aren't saying you can't come here, but if you're going to come here, our citizens have to be protected."
6 Feb 2014

Two states, two counties, two outcomes

My home state and my current state are embroiled in an issue that emotionally and physically impacts residents of two counties: Baldwin County in Alabama, and Howard County, where I live, in Indiana. ...The outcomes of the political process in the two counties are diametrically opposed, with one county voting to allow wind farms and the other voting against deployment of huge turbines.
10 Aug 2013

Property owners file suit over planned wind project

The suit asks for a court order that would authorize the County Commission to regulate the permitting, construction, placement and operation of wind turbines, wind mills, wind farms and any other wind-generated energy production facility or equipment operated in the unincorporated areas of Etowah County. It asks that the County Commission establish standards, specifications, criteria and conditions on the operations, and make a determination about appropriate sites where wind turbines can be located.
3 Aug 2013


Since our local politicians have no authority to "meddle," as Jones says, there is no one with jurisdiction to seek the guarantees from Pioneer Green he suggests. A demolition bond won't protect property values or aesthetic beauty. ...Common sense tells me we should not let these out-of-towners, for the sake of corporate greed, come in and, with no regard, destroy the God-given bounty Jones spoke of and divide our community.
24 Jul 2013
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