Grand Meadow Wind Energy decommissioning plan and costs

Xcel Energy has plans to repower the Grand Meadow wind energy facility. The 67 GE 1.5 MW sle turbines will be replaced with the same number of GE 1.6 MW turbines with larger rotor diameters. The plan with costs for decommissioning the older site are available in the document that can be downloaded from this page. An excerpt of this document is provided below. 

The Grand Meadow Wind Energy Project is located in Mower County, near Dexter Minnesota generally southeast of Interstate 90 and on each side of State Highway 16. Typical landscapes within the Project Area consist largely of agricultural fields and wind energy infrastructure in portions of Clayton, Dexter, and Grand Meadow townships. The project was placed in service in December 2008 and 67 GE 1.5 sle turbines were installed with a rotor size of 77 meters (252.6 feet) in diameter. Xcel Energy plans to repower all 67 turbines.

Existing Turbine Type: 67 GE 1.5 MW-77m rotor diameter sle turbines
Proposed Repower Turbine Type:
• (52) GE 1.6 MW-97m rotor diameter turbines
• (15) GE 1.6 MW-91m rotor diameter turbines

Decommissioning of the Grand Meadow Wind Project will include:
1. Removal of all turbines and towers;
2. Removal of all pad mounted transformers;
3. Removal of all above-ground distribution facilities;
4. Removal of foundations to a depth of four feet below grade;
5. Removal of surface road material and restoration of the roads and turbine sites to previous
conditions to the extent feasible, consistent with the landowner’s desires.
The removed components will either be scrapped and properly disposed of or recycled. The
determination will be made based on the expected market for the used components.

The cost of decommissioning is estimated to be approximately $24,310,598 in 2021 dollars.

Grand Meadow Wind Appendix J Updated Decommissioning Plan

Download file (376 KB) pdf


OCT 13 2021
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