Huge wind farms aren't the solution

The fate of 250 square miles of the beautiful Driftless region is in the hands of about 50 landowners.

Sales agents for the multinational corporation Pattern LLC have been approaching landowners in southwest Iowa and Lafayette counties asking them to sign lease contracts for 170, 650-foot-high industrial wind turbines. With enough signatures, the state could order the 600 megawatt system to be constructed, which could lead to even more industrialization.

Wisconsin already has more electrical power plants than we can use. As electric customers, we must pay the high interest debt on existing and added power plants, whether fully utilized or not. Pattern LLC’s inferred electric bill savings from the “zero fuel costs” of wind power compare very poorly when it comes to directly addressing our carbon and economic challenges. Better options are the similar alternatives such as increased efficiencies in homes and solar panels on homes, businesses and in the community. 

The monstrous turbines are being green-washed. The only real green is the money they bring to the developer.


JUN 25 2021
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