Pierson Township Michigan wind ordinance

Pierson Township in Michigan adopted this wind ordinance in order to protect residents from the impacts of wind turbines sited near their properties. The ordinance can be accessed by selecting the document links on this page.. 

In a public hearing held on June 3, 2021, the Planning Commission voted for a minor amendment to the setback distances. For Commercial/Non-Participating properties the commission maintained the setback at 4X (page 11) when measured at the property line but increased the setback to 4X on page 8 section (ii). The attached ordinance reflects the language before this change was made. On noise, no turbine shall generate or permit to be generated audible noise from commercial or industrial permitted facilities that exceeds 39 dBA or 49 dBC (dBC to dBA ratio of 10 dB per ANSI standard S12.9 Part 4 Annex D) during the night 9 pm to 8 am for any duration, at a property line or any point within a Non-Participating property.

Pierson Township Wind Ordinance

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OCT 20 2020
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