Loire-Atlantique: trial of "killer" wind turbines postponed, the park could be shut down

Thursday, April 15, 2021 was to be held the trial of the case of the "killer" wind turbines of Puceul (Loire-Atlantique), in the court of Nantes. A postponement to September has been requested.

The interministerial report published on February 9, 2021 recommends 

The interministerial report published on February 9, 2021 recommended "a test for a total shutdown of the Quatre Seigneurs wind farm", between Puceul and Nozay (Loire-Atlantique). First refused by the operator, this test could finally take place, if all parties agree on a shutdown protocol.

It was a date marked since January 2021 on the agenda of all those who follow the file of the Potiron breeders, in Puceul (Loire-Atlantique) . The trial of the farmers v the operator of the Four Lords wind farm was to begin on Thursday, April 15, 2021 in Nantes.

The Pumpkins have experienced an excess mortality of their cows since the construction of the eight wind turbines near their farm. The wind facility was placed in service in 2012 and is operated by the German company KGAL .

The trial postponed to September 2021

Didier and Murielle Potiron are, in this case, brought by the National Association of Animals under Tension ( Anast ) which has made its lawyer, Maître François Lafforgue, available to them . The latter attacked KGAL for "abnormal neighborhood disturbance". A mobilization of support for breeders was expected near the court on April 15.

On Tuesday April 13, there was another twist in this case which has already created much press coverage: a postponement of the trial in September, requested by KGAL, was accepted by the plaintiffs.

"It was not an easy decision to take", comments Didier Potiron, who explains: "The ministry proposed a new test, with a shutdown of the wind farm. KGAL would now agree to this ”.

A temporary shutdown of the wind farm?

This shutdown has long been requested by the breeders to demonstrate, according to them, the relationship between the wind farm and behavioral disorders in their cows. And the interministerial report on this file, published on February 9, 2021, also concluded a shut down was needed. According to the report, "Only the realization of a test of total shutdown of the park in its broad sense would make it possible to get out of the current situation by bringing all the players back to the table." (Interministerial report of February 9, 2021)

But until now, KGAL had refused this solution outright. It would therefore seem that the German operator has changed his mind a bit.

A protocol to be validated by all parties

"Enedis, which is also concerned, must also give its agreement, and that a protocol be validated by all the parties", underlines Didier Potiron.

According to him, the state services are determined to ensure that these tests are carried out as soon as possible. "They could take place at the end of April or the beginning of May", indicates the breeder, who hopes that this new response will not turn into a wet firecracker, once again.

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JUN 2 2021
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