The Aumelas wind farm condemned for the destruction of kestrels

The Versailles Court of Appeal has just ordered EDF and its subsidiaries to pay 500 euros to the France Nature Environnement association and reminds that the destruction of protected species is prohibited. The FNE renews its request for the dismantling of the wind turbines in Aumelas (Hérault).

The France Nature Environnement (FNE) association asks EDF Renouvelables France and seven of its subsidiaries to dismantle the 31 wind turbines in Aumelas , located in Aumelas, Poussan, Montbazin and Villeveyrac. The FNE association relies on the decision of the Versailles Court of Appeal of March 2, 2021 which recalls that the destruction of species protected by wind turbines is prohibited, thus contradicting the decision of the Nanterre tribunal de grande instance in first instance . 

"On the strength of this court decision, we are now asking the State to impose a shutdown of the Aumelas wind turbines during the period when kestrels are in the area. If such there will be significant environmental consequences of the park and the wind turbines will have to be dismantled, " said Simon Popy, president of FNE LR. In theory, the prefect can issue issue permits to destroy protected species, but the said companies never file such requests.

According to the association, the Aumelas wind turbines have been recognized as responsible for the death of around fifty kestrels , a species in danger of extinction in France. Corpses have been discovered at the foot of wind turbines since 2012.

Still according to FNE, this species is currently stable but it remains very localized and still classified in the list of species in danger of extinction in France. Many nests are located on the Causse d'Aumelas, notably in Saint-Pons de Mauchiens, Villeveyrac and Saint-Pargoire.

The order of the court can be accessed at this link or downloaded directly from this page.

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497994301 La Decision De La Cour D Appel De Versailles Fne Edf Aumelas 02032021

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MAR 12 2021
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