Michigan wind energy ordinances: A summary

This useful resource lists a host of protective land use ordinances adopted in different jurisdictions in the State of Michigan for siting industrial wind energy turbines. A sample set of ordinances is provided below. The full list can be downloaded from this page.

1. Arvon: Approved by Board of Trustees 3 to 2 ---- Tuesday, 9/1/20 ----  Baraga County (U.P.)

40db(A) Lmax at property line ---- 2500 ft setback at property line ---- no shadow flicker at property line; Only 1 wind turbine per square mile ---- no wind turbine within 5 miles of Lake Superior ----330 ft ht limit

2. Arcadia: Approved by Board of Trustees unanimously ---- Monday 8/12/19 ---- Lapeer County           

40 db(A) Leq(10 min) at property line ---- 3.82x Setback with 1640' minimum at same ---- No shadow flicker at same

3. Beaver: Approved by Board of Trustees 4 to 0 with one recused ---- Tuesday, 5/14/2018 ---- Bay County

45db(A) Lmax at non-participating property line ---- 4X ht of wind turbine with blade at highest vertical point at same                     

4. Burnside: Approved by Board of Trustees 5 to 0 ---- Monday  2/26/2018 ---- Lapeer County

45db(A) Lmax at non-participating property line; 1,640 feet or 3.5 times the height of the wind turbine with the top of the blade in its vertical position whichever is less at same 

5. Elkland: Approved by Board of Trustees 4 to 0 ---- Monday 11/12/18 ---- Tuscola County

Effectively 45db(A) Lmax at the non-participating property line (day); 39db(A) Lmax at same (night); 4X height of wind turbine with blade at highest vertical point at same or 2000 ft. whichever is greater at same                                                                      

6. Frankenmuth: Approved by Board of Trustees ---- late 2018 ---- Saginaw County
Written consent to any wind tower or related structure must be obtained from the owner of any non-participating parcel within 3200 feet of any proposed wind tower  

Michigan Recent List Of Wind Ordinances

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OCT 1 2020
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